Basic Stats


Name: Abyss
Age: As old as Hyrule itself
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: Varies due to body composition
Race: Zalmunna
Birthday: The new year (January 1st by our standards)
Weapon of choice: Twin lances (constrcted of shadowmatter)
Family: Six "siblings": Tenebran, Dimas, Majora, Naharl, Oscuri and Stygia
Timeline: N/A (spans all timelines, pre-series and post)


Abyss is 4th oldest of the seven Zalmunna, created by the goddesses to uphold the balance of nature by keeping dominion over the realm of shadow opposite the Paladins (also known as the Siderans) who held dominion over the realm of light. He is the most reserved of the seven, he takes his job seriously whereas some of his siblings would see theirs otherwise. Though persistent with his duties, he does take the time to relax and pick up new skills, as learning for enjoyment's sake is one of his hobbies (also being immortal helps with the motivation for this, not much to do when a millennium seems like nothing to you).

Eons came and went with little or no consequence between the Zalmunna and Paladins, balance was kept (for the most part, much to the distress of, again, certain Zalmunna) and all was right with the land, this being a time when the Paladins and Zalmunna would walk the land freely and would command respect of those who dwelled on Hyrule's surface. Every so often, a meeting between these two parties would be held in an area referred to as The Bridge, (proper name is Lycoris) an area of perfect balance between light and shadow where neither party held dominance over the other. It was at these meetings that Ziven, leader of the Paladins, and Abyss began to see each other as more than just members of opposing parties.

Their meetings became more frequent, coming to The Bridge more often to see each other outside of the conferences between the two sides until they were (relatively) inseperable. Chand, second in command of the Paladins, soon ousted Ziven from power, banishing him to the realm of shadow. Abyss, of course, found him, and to explain his presence, told his siblings Ziven was his new "servant" (the whole relationship between them a touchy subject to Abyss).

It was obvious it could not last, however, as the realm of shadow itself was slowly poisoning Ziven's body, eating away at his very essence. Knowing this, Abyss decided it was time to take action, leaving Ziven with a pendant imbuned with some of his essence (unbeknowst to Ziven) and also a curse which would, evetually, save his life. Without explaination to the one he loved, he left the realm of shadow to ravage the land, gaining more power as he did so and, ultimately, throwing off the balance of nature. He even allowed the very essence of shadow to consume him, transforming him into a mindless monster and causing the land to be thrown into chaos. When the Goddesses sent their chosen Hero to rid the land of this fiend, the Hero failed to do so, getting killed in the process.


After this, the goddesses themselves stepped in, stripping Abyss of his power and imprisoning him by binding him to the soul of a hylian. However, this was according to Abyss' plan, and his foresight allowed there to be a crack in the seal the Goddesses' bonds since not ALL of his essence was imprisoned there. The chaos Abyss had caused was not easily mended, evil tainting the world and even some of the minds of Hyrule's residents. This evil began the ultimate search for power by one man who had been given the gift of the Triforce of Power by the Goddesses themselves, and he later went on to conquer and ursurp the throne of Hyrule (though he was later defeated by the next Hero chosen by the Goddesses). Before and up until this man's reign, Abyss had remained dormant inside of the Hylian he was bound to, a boy named Spheira.

Dormancy did not last long as when monsters attacked the boy's home, killing his parents, he was awakened by the cry of help made by Spheira. Abyss heard his plea, broke some of the bonds on his power and was able to momentarily possess Spheira's body, pulling him and his sister through their barn wall and to safety. After this feat of power, Abyss was sent into a state of dormancy, though Spheira now had access to the power Abyss possessed through the breaking seal.

Abyss stayed in this state for seven years, coming out of it when Ziven located Spheira (merely by chance) and broke the seal on Abyss with the pendant given to him long ago. This opened the channel between him and Spheira, allowing Abyss full access to Spheira's mind and body, and vice-versa (for the most part). Abyss is now and will forever be bound to Spheira's soul through the bond placed upon them.


  • Very serious and calm, it takes a lot to make him truly angry, but when he is, whoever caused his anger might want to run.
  • He's incredibly intelligent, and speaks as such.
  • He does have a softer side, showing it only around certain people. A true smile can be a rare thing for him.
  • He is very trustworthy and keeps his word when given. He is also a veritable fountain of advice and will dispense it freely if one asks him for it.
  • Because he is/was a keeper of balance, he will do his best to judge any given situation fairly, acting not in the favor of one party or another unless it is a special circumstance.
  • He has a high set of morals and will not go against them in any situation.

Physical: Because he is of the Zalmunna, who are (as Winna put it) shapeshifters at heart, his body structure is not technically a constant, though he keeps it that way for himself for the most part. Depending on the level of power, he will look various ways, the form he took looking much different than his normal one. The glowing marks on his body are a testament to his power and status as one of the highest of the beings inhabiting the shadow realm. They have no specific meaning except as a means of identification and, again, a status symbol. The brightness of the glow from these markings varies depending on the amount of power being exerted at the time or his mood or overall amount of energy.


  • Pre-seal- Since he is of the highest order of shadowbeings, Abyss commands a lot of power. His specialty is creating weapons and other physical objects from shadow though he is adept at most other casting outside of healing, which is an area he has not been able to master. Other than that, he is able to cast a wide rang of magic from creating portals to various sections of the shadow realm to writing messages in the air.
  • Post-seal- Abyss' "almighty range of power" is limited at this point to what Spheira's mortal body can physically handle. If a spell is too powerful or requires Zalmunnan as the anchor language, it will start to harm the body anywhere from mild irritation to actual bleeding and deterioration of the flesh depending on how powerful or how long a spell is cast/enacted.


  • His siblings- Abyss doesn't really hold any of his siblings close to him, save Oscuri. She is the only one he does not mind spending time with and, in fact, he is the only one who really can keep her calm and actually make sense of the cryptic messages that come from her mouth. Of his other siblings; he holds respect for Tenebran's decisions and will question them, to a point, but will back down when ordered to do so; He treats Naharl with an air of indifference for the most part; He believes Stygia to be barbaric and bloodthirsty; Majora he is perfectly fine with as long as he is not teamed up with Dimas or any of his other siblings for that matter, Majora treats Abyss with a fair deal of respect even if Abyss is younger; finally, Dimas and Abyss just don't get along. They don't. Dimas loves to make Abyss' life a living hell, period. If he and Majora team up on Abyss, there is bound to be a lot of cursing and fighting to be had amongst those three.
  • Syba- Syba is/was Abyss' subserviant poe which is, basically, a poe that is assigned to a shadow of higher power for a specific purpose. Depending on its master, the poe may be allowed to, relatively, retain their original form it once held in its past life. Syba's short life had not been a happy one, killing herself at a young age due to an abusive father and absence of a mother, becoming a poe due to the regret that she never really had a true family. Abyss sanctioned her because she had potential in the area of shadowhealing, an area that he (quite frankly) fails at. Eventually, she became like a daughter to him and she vowed never to abandon him until she could repay him for his kindness to her. When Abyss set her free and allowed her to rest in peace, she was not able to rest due to her vow. (Eventually she was able to rest peacefully after saving Spheira's and Abyss' life in the first Myriad Path tournament, leaving behind only the bead that was in her hair. Spheira has kept this with him since that day hoping to meet the person that saved his life.)
  • Ziven- Ziven is Abyss' one and only love. He would do anything for him, including sacrifice his own life if it came down to it, which is nearly did since his master plan to save Ziven had a very high chance of getting him killed, permanently losing his sanity or not working at all. He feels at peace when with him, and he is one of the only people who can make him truly smile. The two of them are practically inseperable and if Ziven were to leave or be killed, Abyss would not be able to live.
  • Spheira- Abyss and Spheira's souls are bound by the seal the Goddesses set upon Abyss in order to restore balance. Their relationship is actually fairly healthy for what other characters have described as a parasitic relationship. Their relationship is not parasitic, however, as with a parasite you can remove them without little consequence. With these tow, it's symbiotic. You remove one, they both die. Although Spheira can be immature, Abyss respect Spheira's opinion and thought and will take them into consideration when using Spheira's body or borrowing his mouth to speak.


  • He can play the flute after teaching himself to. He also carved his own instrument to his tastes. He does not play any other instrument because he did not have the desire to learn any others.
  • While Abyss can speak multiple languages, he prefers to speak in Zalmunnan, though has been forced to just hylian as of late due to being trapped inside of Spheira. When speaking his native language, he is actually more casual with his speech, whereas other languages are formal only.



  • Ziven
  • playing the flute
  • learning for enjoyment
  • spending time with the one he loves
  • basic household chores (cooking, keeping things clean, sewing, etc.)
  • giving advice


  • Certain siblings
  • having pranks pulled on him
  • ignorant people
  • those who would harm Ziven
  • Most of the Siderans/Paladins
  • Having to explain something more than twice


  • Eons of experience
  • Incredible intelligence
  • Able to cast large, powerful spells without much thought (only when not bound to Spheira), and has a fast casting time
  • Very hard to enrage


  • Trapped in a mortal body
  • Can't heal worth crap
  • Average speed, not nearly as fast as Spheira, even when using his body
  • Target Ziven, you have a good chance of making him do what you want.


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