The Juggernaut
The Juggernaut
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Adina
Species: Horse (occasionally anthropomorphic)
Gender: Female
Age: 4 (humanoid form looks late twenties/early thirties)
Height: 17 Hands (horse), 302cm/9'11" (human)
Weight: 800kg/1764lbs (horse), 624kg/1375lbs (human)
Hair Colour: Dirty white
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Skin Tone: Reddish-brown in both forms
Biographical Data
Occupation: Elon's steed and bodyguard
Affiliations: None
Residence: Wherever Elon is
Birthplace: A farm somewhere
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None known
Pulling stuff, dragging stuff, breaking stuff.
Barding made of brass/cloth/leather that can be worn in both forms, usually carries saddlebags.
Notes: Cannot speak; able to shift between horse and humanoid forms at will.

Adina is a gigantic horse (and occasionally an athropomorphic horse/humanoid hybrid) who follows Elon around as his protector and… well, transport. Like her young charge, she is a fearless champion of good in Hyrule, though their methods obviously vary. When she isn't travelling, she can usually be found at Elon's side on Hylonia Ranch.


As a horse, Adina is massive and powerful, with long legs and large feet - bred for strength and stamina, she's essentially a heavy work horse, much like the famous Epona. In humanoid form, she's still very horselike - she's outrageously tall with broad shoulders and an immensely powerful back, has very long legs and abnormally huge feet and hands, and ripples with muscules. Her figure is almost completely unfeminine, though her chest is larger than might be expected.

Dirty white and rather coarse, Adina's hair is essentially a mane in either form. As a humanoid, her scalp continues down her neck but only just past her shoulders, and her hair hangs to mid-back. Adina's eyes are about the only feminine part of her, dark brown, large and… well… horsey. Her skin is the same colour in both forms, though she does not have an equine coat in her humanoid form.

Distinguishing Features

While her horse form is fairly average, albeit large, Adina's humanoid form has several very unusual features. Aside from her odd skin tone, she also retains distinctive white markings in the same places as her horse form - a blaze down her nose, and socks on her lower arms and legs. Her eyes are more animalistic than those of a true Hylian, and show very little white unless she's very angry. Her ears, also, are shorter and less pointed, shaped more like horse ears, and covered in velvety fur. She does not, however, have a tail.

Preferred Clothing

Adina's clothing doesn't change when she shifts forms, leaving her with a slightly difficult situation. She overcomes this by wearing a modified version of ordinary barding (in brown leather and brass plates), which includes hanging cloth pieces to supply the necessary modesty for her humanoid form (and a bra-like structure for human inconveniences), and adjustable buckles to allow for her larger horse shape. All in all, she only needs a few moments to adjust it to one form or another. She also wears similarly adjustable boots and gloves, though they are open at the ends to permit hooves. Less essential than the rest of her clothing, she can easily abandon them if she's in a hurry.


Adina not only looks like a mountain, she often seems to act like one too. Thoughtful, slow-moving and stoic, she assesses situations carefully and takes the most effective and straightforward path she can see. A tower of silent strength, she is steadfast and reliable, unnerringly loyal to her friends (and generally treating everybody else with a good-natured indifference). Her patience is the stuff of legends, matched only by her devotion to Elon.

She does have some trouble understanding the way real humanoids think; her thought processes are more simple and direct, she fails to grasp things like social nuances. She's certainly not stupid, but she's still animalistic, and operates on instinct because it's more reliable for a horse than intellect.


Adina seems to be fairly indifferent to most of the world, though she cares very strongly about her duty to protect Elon. She's also partial to nose/ear scratches, and to many of the various fruits and berries which grow in Runner's hair.


Anybody threatening Elon, or other people she cares about. The rest of the world seems fairly irrelevant to her.


Adina can't speak, and communicates only in various horsey noises. Elon always seems to know what she's saying, though, on the rare occasion that she needs to communicate things more complicated than, say, "duck" or "step away from the boy".

As a horse, she has often been known to eat things that appear at roughly the same level as her head - like hats and hair.


As Elon explains it, Adina was born a horse, and lived a pretty normal horsey life until a magical incident (intentional or not, he is unsure) granted her the ability to change forms. Since that point, her form has always been mutable, as if she somehow recognised the need for a humanoid shape. Her own memory doesn't go back beyond this point, as she didn't start thinking in (vaguely) human terms until then; the only fragment she remembers from those times is that somebody dreadfully important entrusted her with the duty of protecting Elon.

If either of them could remember it, they would know that Adina carried Elon's family to the Ordon spring during his parents' dying moments. Elon's mother and father were beyond its power to help, but it spring was able to heal the child, and Adina herself. Moved by the event, the light spirit Ordona took pity on Elon, bestowing a blessing of good fortune on him. The spirit also granted a transformative power to Adina, giving her the duty of protecting the child for all his days.




Elon (duh), Saif, Mel Marthis. She's sort of allied with anybody who gets along with Elon, but there are only a few she bothers to personally notice.


Anybody who tries to hurt Elon.


Adina is a magnificent combatant, definitely amongst the strongest in the club if you discount strategy and magic.


Adina grew up as a creature with hooves bigger than most peoples' heads, with rudimentary knuckle-dusters already nailed on. It took her a bit of work to translate from quadruped to biped, but the basic principle - of applying as much blunt force trauma to something as possible - remains the same. Adina always tries to stick close to Elon in case he's threatened - she may not usually react quickly, but getting between him and the threat is more of a reflex action, the strongest of her instincts.


Adina is powerful. Stronger even than Sendari, by merit of sheer bulk, she can strike blows in both forms that no ordinary creatures can withstand. Her stamina and endurance are outrageous, and in biped form, her massive shape gives her reach that simply can't be matched by smaller creatures. She also doesn't have to worry about losing her weapons.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Adina is slow, in both thought and movement - the prime reason she sticks to Elon's side. This also means her attacks are slow, and less frequent - a very quick opponent can provide her with problems by dodging or parrying. She also doesn't particularly bother with dodging or deflecting blows, instead relying on her toughness while she concentrates on spotting an opportunity to break through an opponent's defences.


Only the ability to change forms, which isn't terribly practical in combat.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

Originally Adina was directly connected to Lon Lon Ranch, and Malon herself. This version, however, has been tweaked to suit the club's generic post-TP setting, making the references more generic. Mind you, Adina is almost certainly descended from Lon Lon stock, as she bears such a similarity to Epona.


  • Adina's theme song is Falling Back by Darangen, a Gerudo Valley Theme OCReMix.
  • Adina's name, like Elon's, was just made it up (in this case, I wanted something reminiscent of "Epona"). I totally forgot I have a friend with that name - it means "Beautiful" or "Adorned" in Hebrew. Not hugely appropriate for her, but hey.
  • Adina's name is pronounced: A as in car, di as in sardine, na as in narwhal. Stress the "di".
  • Adina's title/tagline is a reference to a Five Iron Frenzy song, but it's not her theme. It's just the right kind of title for her :p
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