Player: Hyperionwitch
Personal Data
Full Name: N/A
Species: Half-Gerudo/Half-human
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Gold
Skin Tone: Naturally tan
Biographical Data
Occupation: Clothier
Affiliations: N/A
Residence: Clock Town (primarily—she spends much of her time traveling, but her house is in Clock Town)
Birthplace: Clock Town
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A
Small utilitarian knife
Refined garment-making skills, some knowledge of weaving and dyeing, well-honed knowledge of regional fashion, fantastic handwriting, good at reading body language
Small pack containing money, sewing supplies, sorts of fabric, and essentials
No additional notes available.

Ainur is an independent clothier traveling through the world with her business partner, Lester. While she used to handle every aspect of her small business, these days she focuses mainly on buying fabric/supplies and creating clothing to sell.


Ainur is relatively tall with a bit of a graceful curve. She has large, dark-lined eyes above a Gerudo-esque nose and somewhat prominent lips, and her face is framed by thick, dark brown hair. Her skin is naturally tan, with a bit of tone added from frequent travel in the sun, and aside from some unavoidable callousing on her capable hands, she is mostly unblemished. Usually dressed fashionably, and walking with an elegant stride and a decent posture, Ainur generally comes across as well put together.

Distinguishing Features

Her inherited Gerudo nose is fairly distinguishing, as is its pairing with distinctly Hylian features (like her ears). Beyond that, and her manner of dress, she is surprisingly unremarkable.

Preferred Clothing

Her favorite and most comfortable outfit consists of a short, red halter top with cinched straps and matching red harem pants, cuffed at the bottom with gold gauntlets that match those worn on her arms. On top of this, she wears a gold-trimmed, coral length of fabric wrapped like a sari. Out of practicality, she frequently clips her loose fabric to her shirt strap to keep it out of the way. As accessories, she wears jewelry given to her by her mother.


Ainur is generally pretty likeable. She's a little sarcastic sometimes (though this usually just shows in eye rolling and quirked eyebrows), she has a habit of flirting with anyone she doesn't immediately dislike, and if you screw with her she might retaliate a bit violently, but beyond that, she's sensible and friendly and she doesn't have a tendency to scare people away.

Quiet by necessity, Ainur has learned many other ways to make her opinions known—and she does have a lot of opinions. She's not dumb enough to share them when it's inappropriate, but she will be sure to make them very clear if she thinks it is a good time to do so. Usually this involves very obvious body language/facial expressions or pointedly worded notes scratched on parchment.

While she may be a practical person, this is only because of her experience as a traveling merchant. She has been robbed and she has had hardships, so she is naturally careful about her business doings and whatnot, but she would much prefer to enjoy herself. She loves socializing and fashion, and she has a habit of having little romantic flings—short, sweet and, if she can help it, the kind that leave no hard feelings.


Fashion, sewing, shopping, love affairs


Thieves, rude individuals, being treated like a child (unless it is by Lester), prejudice due to her disability


Ainur is mute—and she has been since birth. She cannot speak or really make any noise due to defective vocal chords. However, she always carries parchment, ink, and a quill with her just in case, and beyond that she can sometimes get Lester to speak for her (though he is usually reluctant).

She's not exactly a jaded person, but years of traveling around the world has made her practical. If someone needs help, she'll be happy to give it, but she's not going to like it if someone is trying to gain pity for nothing. If she is, by some chance, fooled into helping someone who is simply out to use people, she will be quick to drop them and teach them some sort of lesson—either with a stern lecture (via paper) or potentially with violence (usually only if it's someone who really deserves it). She may not carry weapons, but that doesn't mean she won't punch someone if it seems necessary.

The lack of a real weapon doesn't mean Ainur can't defend herself. Her mother was sure to teach her that. She isn't trained in a fighting style, but she can punch like nobody's business, and if she needs to use her small knife, she will be happy to do so. Usually, though, if it's a matter of being attacked on the road, Lester's crossbow is enough defense for the both of them.

She has a tendency to get nervous around Gorons. It's not necessarily because she's scared of them or is concerned they'll do anything to her, they're just very different than what she is used to (she doesn't have much reason to visit Goron-populated areas, as they don't usually wear clothing). She tries to be kind around them, as she does with anyone else, but she always feels a little uncomfortable.

She loves learning about Gerudo. Her mother told her basic things about the Great Bay pirates, but she really enjoys hearing about her heritage—even if it's the group in the desert. If she spies a Gerudo, she's liable to ask them a lot of questions—provided they don't seem like they'll be irritated by this.

She is pretty good at picking up on body language. Since she has had to be so conscious of her own, she's gotten pretty skilled at reading others without them saying anything. She doesn't use this to pry (most of the time), but she does sometimes use this to gauge how she responds to someone else.


Ainur was born of a Hylian and a Gerudo pirate. Her mother had snuck out of the base in Great Bay and wound up falling in love with a Hylian with whom she chose to stay—and eventually the two had a daughter. Though they were initially nervous about Ainur when they discovered she could not speak, they resolved to stay in Clock Town and raise their child as best they could. The couple did their best to teach Ainur what each knew and mold her into an intelligent, moral young woman. It was not a particularly exciting childhood, but Ainur enjoyed it.

When she grew old enough to leave home, Ainur decided she would spend some time traveling around the world. She found a group to go with and spent the next few years seeing sights and learning about other peoples. Sewing and selling clothing to help contribute to the group's food fund, she quickly found that she enjoyed making garments and, once she returned home from her travels, decided she would start doing so for a living.

Around the time Ainur turned 23, her parents passed away and their Clock Town home was left to Ainur. She was happy to stay there for some time, selling clothing to any who showed interest, but she soon longed to travel again—and possibly sell her wares to people of different nationalities and styles. After purchasing a wagon, she found a friend of her family's, a man named Lester, who had recently retired from working as a guard for caravans and offered to compensate him for traveling with her and protecting her indefinitely. He reluctantly agreed due to his friendship with her father, and the two set off into the world, eventually changing their agreement a bit so that Lester was doing most of the business of selling while Ainur focused on creating clothing.




  • Lester - More of an adopted family member than an ally, Lester travels with and (though she would never say it outright) helps take care of Ainur. He acts as a manager and a father-figure.
  • Nick and Zahira - She considers these two friends on top of having a pretty good business partnership with them. She can frequently be found visiting them when she's in Castle Town.



Other Notes

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Roleplay Notes

  • I try to differentiate Ainur's form of "speech" from others by adding quotation marks around what she has written—unless, of course, someone I play is reading her writing.


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