The Flame Within the Flame
The Flame Within the Flame
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Alin Edgar
Species: Poe (probably of a Hylian)
Gender: Male
Age: Anybody's guess, though he looks like a teenager
Height: 160cm/5'3"
Weight: weightless
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Yellow
Skin Tone: Pale
Biographical Data
Occupation: General mischief-maker
Affiliations: None
Residence: Hangs around Kakariko
Birthplace: Unknown
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: None known
Spirit magic
Levitation, invisibility/intangibility, illusions.
His lantern, which serves as the focus for his spirit magic.
Notes: Can alter his appearance, but not hide his cloak or lantern.

Alin is a fun-loving but generally quite inconsiderate ghost who usually lurks around Kakariko village. He's kind of an annoying troublemaker, but he means well for anybody who will put up with him.


Alin has a slim and youthful build; his shoulders are particularly narrow, and his hips unusually curvy for a boy. His hair is essentially white, and he "wears" it in a short, bobbed style which fans out a little around his neck, with a longer braid on the left side which reaches a little past his shoulder.

Distinguishing Features

Alin's entire body is somewhat translucent - he's still clearly visible unless he wants otherwise, but he can't make himself appear entirely solid. Also, he's surrounded by the faint, ghostly impression of a tattered cloak, similar to those most poes appear to wear. Alin's entire appearance is changeable at will, aside from the cloak and his eye colour.

Preferred Clothing

Alin usually appears in a simple sleeveless top with a few cord-loop buttons running down from the neck (it's essentially Chinese-styled) with matching three-quarter pants. In place of shoes, he wears open-toed, ankle-length "sleeves" of fabric, and gloves of the same style. Alin normally wears simple bangles on one or more of his ankles or wrists. He also carries his lantern - the source of his magic - at all times. Though he can alter the lantern when he changes his appearance, it always appears as something to do with fire (such as a candle).


The defining trait of Alin's personality is his childishness. He doesn't know how long he's going to exist in the world as a poe, but he knows he's essentially invulnerable - therefore, he's determined to have as much fun and as many experiences as he possibly can before he dies for good. He's playful, irresponsible, flighty, mischeivous and carefree - which unfortunately leads to a rather selfish mentality.

While he doesn't mean badly, he's motivated mostly by his own enjoyment; he rarely ever considers the consequences of his actions, and tends to forget that they might hurt others (both emotionally and physically). He is a kind person by nature, though, and is terribly regretful when he realises he's done the wrong thing (though he always seems to fail to learn from it).


Having fun, exploring, experiencing new things, playing games, playing tricks, travelling, being "alive". Alin has no specific hobbies - he wants to do everything.


Being bored, dull people, being stuck in one place or confined, repetition, routine. He's also terrified of dying permanently.


As a poe, Alin often can't be seen by people who aren't spiritually/magically sensitive (even if he wants to be). Other than that, nothing aside from what is already covered in his bizarre nature and personality.


As a ghost, Alin has been haunting the Kakariko region for an indefinite period of time - he can remember virtually nothing of his "real" life, only that he died young - the form he usually chooses is the way he remembers looking, albeit a little embellished - and that it was somewhere in or near Kakariko Village. Presumable he has some sort of unfinished business, but he has no idea what - in the mean time, he plans to enjoy the "life" he has as much as he possibly can.




Rajivo Juthaid, sort of - she can bully him with her powers, so he has to behave a bit around her.


Nobody in particular.


Alin is a middling combatant at best; his unique powers give him several advantages, but his lack of discipline and training keep him from being particularly powerful.


With no skill in physical combat, Alin likes to keep his distance and channel the power of his spirit magic into violent blasts. When subtlety is called for, he will also use his poe abilities to disguise himself and confuse his opponent.


As a poe, Alin can change his appearance at will (within the limitations listed above), as long as he stays roughly the same size. This includes the power to turn completely invisible if he wishes. He is unaffected by gravity (his default state is floating a few feet above the ground), and he can levitate at fairly reasonable speeds. He is also somewhat un-solid, and most physical interaction (including attacks) can only affect him if he wishes it to; people who are not spiritually sensitive can generally not see or interact with him, even if he wants them to.

In addition, his 'species' also gives him impressive command over spirit magic, though his sheer power level is not so great. His powers are more along the lines of utility than combat.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Just as he cannot be affected by most physical attacks, Alin can't interact with corporeal creatures or objects unless he concentrates very hard or puts his magic behind it - a very inefficient way to use his energy.

Also, as a poe alin is vulnerable to certain spells and rituals, primarily those from the discipline of Light. Also, the right magical means can negate most of his inherent advantages - for example, effects like the Lense of Truth could counter his invisibility, while magical weapons can effect him as if he were corporeal.


It's unknown what will happen if Alin is "killed" - he might vanish from the world, he might reincarnate, he might simply discorporate and reform at a later time. Not that he's willing to try it out, of course.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

Although some normal people (read: extras) can't see Alin even if he wants them too, it's assumed that PCs can see him unless you want them not too. Feel free to have them unable to see him, if you find it amusing.


  • Alin's theme song is Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks.
  • In an ideal world, Alin would be voiced by Noda Junko (cheap shot… she voiced Dio in Last Exile).
  • Alin's name is one of my worst puns ever. See… his name is "Alin Edgar" and he's a "Poe"… yeah, I deserve the bricks XP
  • Alin's name is pronounced: A as in bra, lin as in linden. No stresses. Hopefully his second name is self-explanatory.
  • Alin's title/tagline is a reference to his aforementioned theme song - "standing outside the fire" refers to living life without taking any chances, as opposed to Alin, who is about as emotive and irresponsible as you can get. And a poe's spirit takes the shape of a flame, so… yeah. I thought it sounded good ^^
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