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Creator: rueyeet
Race/species: Hylian
Occupation: Field arcanologist
Game Timeline: ZOCC RP timeline, OoT or post-TP era
Age: 23
Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Slightly tanned
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs.


As a little boy growing up in Kakariko, Allister had a fascination with bugs, worms, frogs, lizards — more or less all the sorts of critters that his mother would shriek about if she caught him bringing them into the house. After learning about natural history in school, Allister began to make sketches and notes about his specimens, detailing their measurements and observing their behavior. He saved his rupees to buy a bottle that he could catch and keep things in.

One overcast day, however, Allister caught something else in his bottle, the likes of which he'd never seen before. It was small and wiggly and scaly, like many of Allister's previous specimens. But its pitch-black scales were traced with patterns of glowing yellow, and its eyes gave off a yellow glow as well. Forgetting to even light a lamp in his excitement, Allister spent the rest of the day scribbling notes and sketches as the creature scrabbled its claws against the glass, vainly trying to free itself.

Astonishingly, when Allister woke up the next morning — a bright and sunny day — the creature had vanished from inside the bottle. Yet his notes and sketches remained, and Allister was sure he hadn't imagined it. Allister brought his notes to school and showed them to his teacher, who had always encouraged him in his collecting. That was how he learned about the shadow-kind.

After that, Allister forgot about the bugs and frogs, and devoted himself to the study of the shadow-kind. On the day he came of age, a stranger arrived in town and sought Allister out. The stranger offered Allister several hundred rupees in exchange for a full report on the sighting of another shadow creature elsewhere, and Allister eagerly agreed.

Since then, Allister has travelled far and wide in the service of this stranger and his associates, collecting stories, legends, anecdotes, eyewitness testimony, specimens — anything to do with the shadows, especially their rulers the Zalmunna.


The word that Allister most often calls to mind is "untidy". He is almost always a mess of pockets and gadgets and papers, with his hair constantly escaping from his short ponytail to fall into his eyes. The tips of his fingers tend to be ink-stained, and his eyes often have a slight wildness in them. He may also forget to shave for days at a time.

However disheveled he may be, though, Allister is not dirty, and does show some modicum of respect to personal hygiene. After all, it does you no good if the shadows can smell you coming.


Allister's two most remarkable traits are his earnestness and his enthusiasm. He is completely obsessed with his chosen field of study, and will gladly discuss it — at great length — with anyone who gives him the opportunity. Any unusual or legendary phenomena also has a pretty good chance of getting his attention, even if not shadow-related. He's very thorough and meticulous about his notes and observations, regardless of how disorganized he may appear.

Regrettably, Allister's preoccupation with his studies gives him a tendency towards social awkwardness. Worse than that, the certain knowledge that there really ARE malicious things hiding in practically every shadow has left him just a tad bit skittish and paranoid (as it eventually does to all who choose his vocation).

Beyond that, Allister is a generally decent person. His parents did their level best to instill morals in him, along with at least some manners. If he's in a position to help someone who needs it, he'll try to do what he can.


Allister carries various artifacts and equipment to help him deal with the shadows. When it comes to fighting monsters or other people, though, he's not of much use. He simply never spent the time to learn how. He can, however, run away very very fast. And if that fails, he does keep his wits about him, and will attempt to think his way out of the situation.

The Rest

Mundane: Despite his Hylian heritage, Allister has no talent for magic at all. As a Hylian, his body is capable of storing the magical energy necessary to power some of his equipment, and this reserve can be restored with potions. However, Allister is otherwise completely unable of directing magic in a useful fashion.

Bookish: Allister carries a large leather-wrapped journal, its pages stuffed with loose papers and notes, along with a fountain pen and extra ink. He also always has a few smaller books or notepads and some charcoal sticks close to hand for quick jotting.

Patron: Much of Allister's living comes from a man named Faros, who claims to work for a secret group dedicated to sealing away the shadows — and the Zalmunna — forever. He is more than willing to trade good rupees for the bits and pieces of shadow-lore that Allister collects, and will occasionally send him on specific investigations. What Allister doesn't know is that Faros is the agent of an order of mages called the Luxicari, who were banned long ago by the order of the Royal Family of Hyrule, and that merely 'sealing' the Zalmunna is not their real purpose.

Gadgeteer: This mysterious band of mages occasionally supply Allister with artifacts to assist him in his research — and to defend against the objects of that research. Sometimes they will also ask him to test out items that they have created. Allister will typically be carrying quite a bit of equipment, including:

Shadow detector: Looks like a ball of black jet or obsidian, held in a complicated cage of metal not unlike a gyroscope. When one of the shadow-kind is near, it emits a tone that sounds something between the singing of a wineglass and blowing over the mouth of a bottle. The more powerful the shadow, the louder the tone. Unfortunately, the thing doesn't have an off switch, and tends to draw attention to its bearer. Powered by the bearer's magic.

Tear of the Sun: The legend goes that these curious objects, resembling a curled droplet of alabaster lit from within, were formed of the tears shed by the Bringer of Sun's Light after he was seduced and betrayed by the evil shadow known as the Fallen One. It emits a soft radiance, stronger during the daytime (whether the sun is visible or not), that drives away shadows. None of the shadow-kind may touch it without harm to themselves. It can also help to ward off the early stages of shadow-sickness, before it has truly taken root. Self-powered.

Enchanted pennywhistle: This slightly dented tin whistle has just enough magic laid on it to enable it to play those certain songs that have magical effects. Allister isn't very good at playing it, but he can peck out the tunes to a couple warp points (Kakariko, and a secret one taught him by his patrons). He's gotten pretty good at the Song of the Sun, too. Self-powered.

Deku Nuts: The flashbang effect of a thrown Deku Nut is enough to injure or destroy most minor shadowbeasts. It will not, however, do much more than annoy shadow-kind of any significant power, and has no effect at all on the higher shadows. A Zalmunna wouldn't even blink, were Allister unfortunate enough to run afoul of one.

Night's Eye: Looking something like half a pair of goggles crossed with a pirate's eyepatch, this artifact is supposed to let the wearer see in darkness. In actuality, it merely removes contrast, so that all objects appear the same shade of middling grey. Judging depth through it can be difficult, as a hole in the ground doesn't look that much different from the ground next to it, except for the outline. Still, in a pitch-black tunnel, it beats not being able to see at all. Powered by the bearer's magic.

Bottle: Allister always carries a bottle, usually full of red potion or a similarly restorative substance (milk, soup, etc.) Sometimes, however, he gets lucky, and the bottle will contain some specimen of the shadow-kind.

Secured knapsack: This version of the ubiquitous Zelda carry-all bag, when closed with a certain command word, will alert the speaker if anyone tries to open it. A second command word disables the alarm. Self-powered.

Sacred symbols: Though they don't really do much of anything, Allister wears a pendant representing Nayru's portion of the Triforce, and another with the symbol of the Shadow Temple.


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