Player: Hyperionwitch
Personal Data
Full Name: N/A
Species: Poe
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be around 14
Height: 4'11"
Weight: N/A
Hair Colour: Platinum blonde
Eye Colour: Varies
Skin Tone: Black, plain, and featureless
Biographical Data
Occupation: Mischievous critter
Affiliations: N/A
Residence: N/A
Birthplace: Hyrule Castle Town
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A (deceased)
Soul-housing lantern
Creating small flames that can slowly float toward a target, levitating her mask
As a Poe, can float, can turn invisible, can turn incorporeal
A mask
No additional notes available.

Bico is a curious and somewhat dreamy poe with a volatile mood, known somewhat for her strange patterns of speech and her unpredictable behavior. Wandering from place to place, she is almost impossible to find on purpose, but one is likely to run into her if one frequents graveyards or carries small, shining objects.


When visible, Bico appears to be a small fourteen year old of ambiguous gender with unnaturally black skin and glowing eyes. Her hair, which was presumably once long and well-kept, is now unevenly cut, shorn short on the sides with somewhat longer hair down the middle and on the sides of her small, round face. She usually dresses in tattered, baggy clothing, which gives her the appearance of swimming in dirty fabric. Spending very little time walking except when she is playing at being normal, Bico has no particular posture other than floating around with her stick-thin legs dangling beneath her, though she can often be found suspended in the air with her limbs tucked around her.

Distinguishing Features

Bico's eyes are mood rings; normally, they glow a faint green color. When emotionally agitated they begin to shift toward yellow, and when furious and likely to attack, they burn bright red. While she may not be technically dangerous at yellow, it is wise to tread carefully anyway.

Preferred Clothing

Rags, essentially. For as many years as she has been around, she has been seen wearing a heavy, blue cloak with ragged edges. She wears a worn, grey cowl around her neck that doubles as a hood, and draped over her thin frame in what seems like a parody of normal dress, she wears a thin banner with unidentifiable symbols on it. This is worn unevenly enough to drag behind her, even when she is floating a few feet off the ground. It is not known whether she used to wear this clothing when alive or if she somehow acquired it as a poe, but Bico is certainly in no state of mind to explain.


Bico is a peculiar creature. She was once a Hylian living in Castle Town, but she was killed by a desperate thief. For a long time, this mattered to her, but after so many years of existing as a spirit, she lost interest in her past. She remembers less and less of it every day, and tends to focus her attention on things like bottled objects, particularly interesting critters, and other things which are more interesting than something that happened years and years ago.

For the most part, Bico acts as though she has lost most of her grip on reality. She makes strange, unrelated comments, favors nonsequiturs, and generally seems like she might be talking about something else. When she directly addresses someone, it's usually to ask persistent questions or badger someone into giving her something (she'd much rather get something free than trade for it).

This isn't to say she doesn't have behavioral traits that are more normal. She has a lot of emotions that she bottles up—her memories of her life when she was alive are one thing she keeps locked away if she can help it, but she also has a tendency to let her emotions leak through without realizing it. Her loose grip on real life equates to a loose grip on her own actions and feelings. She isn't exactly volatile, but if something sets her off on a path that leads to a particularly strong emotion, she can seem a little uncontrollable. Fortunately, she's not a very violent person and tends to just wail and fluctuate rapidly between states of tangibility, visibility, and elevation.


Music, shiny things, water, the moon (it is difficult to ascertain what, exactly, Bico actually likes)


Having things taken away, aggression, remembering her past, thieves (this is a bit clearer, as these are things which typically cause enough distress to change her eye color)


Surprisingly, she really enjoys wandering around in towns as a “normal human”. She has little idea of how to behave nowadays, but she walks around normally and she wears her mask (to hide her dark skin and glowing eyes). This allows her to find more interesting things.

In her moments of clarity, Bico is a very shaky, tender, easily upset person. When she died, she was still a rather unstable teenager, and she was never very cheerful, so when she snaps back into a state somewhat similar to what she used to be like, she is not particularly chipper.

She loves rain. If it's raining, she'll tend to immediately turn tangible and stand there like a turkey, staring at the sky as if it's the most amazing thing in the world (often to her detriment). When questioned, she insists this is because rain is some sort of incredible miracle.

As her voice is somewhat ambiguous and she doesn't act one way or another, it is often difficult for people to determine what gender she actually is. Not that it really matters, as Bico doesn't care, but people often refer to her as a “he” without her correcting them at all.


There isn't a whole lot to say about Bico, as she is unlikely to reveal anything about her past. What has been puzzled out follows here.

She grew up in Castle Town as a rather shy young woman, and just as she was starting to get over her insecurities about her appearance, behavior, and general self, she was murdered by a thief who didn't know how to deal with someone so nervous. She spent a number of years as a vengeful spirit, attacking people from Castle Town in a haze of anger, but at some point she realized she was attacking innocent people—and she still had not found her murderer. She slipped into solitude for a long time before finally losing most of herself to time, then she reemerged as a slightly crooked creature, roaming Hyrule in search of things that would keep her attention.








Bico rarely fights, and certainly not in a traditional fashion.


Using only her lantern and small flames, Bico's fighting style is much more like an angry little creature trying to defend itself. There is no real technique, instead she just flails her lantern around and sends her flames at whatever she happens to be angriest with.


Being hit with a lantern wielded by a furious ghost can hurt quite a lot. Additionally, while her flames are small and slow moving, they are still flames, and they tend to catch with a vengeance when they hit something flammable. As for defense, while she doesn't exactly try to not get hit, she does have a maddening tendency to go intangible just when a blow is about to land.

Weaknesses and Limitations

She isn't exactly precise with her flailing, it's more of an emotional outburst than a strict attack. As has been suggested, she isn't exactly aware of the world in the proper sense most of the time, so when she attacks someone, she's really just lashing out at something which upsets her. As such, she is extremely easy to dodge. Her flames are also easy to avoid, as they aren't exactly sudden (unless an opponent is very close when she becomes angry).


None in particular.

Other Notes

None at the moment.

Roleplay Notes

  • Bico's manner of speech is extremely out of joint, so most of her statements are just extrapolated from some single word a character said. On occasion, she will be consistent in how she refers to something (for instance, she usually calls music "tiny earthquakes" and rivers "shiny moon paths" or something like that), and these statements are the most likely to be understood by attentive characters. Otherwise, it is extremely unlikely that anything she says will make sense to anyone else.


None at the moment.

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