Castle Town

Castle Town serves as the political and metropolitan center of Hyrule. It has grown much in the years since the Twilight, almost doubling in both sheer size and the services offered within its walls. Today Castle Town serves as the headquarters for multiple groups, not the least of which are the Royal Guard, Mercenary's Guild, and elusive Thieves Guild. The central plaza and market roads are well known for their seasonal offerings throughout the year, and many scholars come to study in the municipal library.

Government, Public Services

Like the rest of Hyrule, the town is under the authority of the crown. However, the town mayor is not appointed by Hyrule's Royal Family, but is instead elected by the townsfolk. All residents who keep up with their property taxes may vote — one vote per household — under the theory that if you care how the town gets run, you can darn well put your money where your mouth is.
The money from the property taxes goes towards public works and services. The Royal Guard aid the mayor in keeping the peace, though they answer not to him, but to the Captain of the Guard, who serves the ruler of Hyrule. It's a little convoluted, but it works.


The town is roughly divided into four quadrants, divided by the main streets that meet at the market square. The castle moat borders the town to the north. The houses of the wealthy look out at the castle, over the moat, secure in their proximity to the royalty of Hyrule. Things get generally seedier as you go south, especially away from the main streets. The southernmost sections of town can get very rough and rowdy, even dangerous for those that can't handle themselves.


Primarily a municipal district, but does serve as an upper middle class area as well. Home to the Temple, Royal Guard garrison barracks, town hall, school and library. The school and library are open to the citizens of the town, but school attendance is not mandatory. Older students and adults can also attend for classes. Up towards the edge of the moat are some fairly nice but not ostentatious houses, including the Mayor's residence. Closer towards the Southwest District are old hostels and cattle pens from the Hero's day.

Notable Characters
Seth and Mel Marthis
Sullivan Demeris
Royal Guard


The success of Purlo's Star Game back in the day has led to an explosion of games and attractions geared towards travellers in this quarter. The caravan hostels are also here, and one can find anything from mercenaries to fortunetellers. The Mercenaries' Guild has taken over a run-down tavern at the extreme southwest corner of town that boasts a small exercise yard and stables. Some of the shops in this section are said to sell some very….odd…artifacts.

Notable Characters
Mercenary's Guild


The closer to the castle you are the more important you are, and the folks here are the closest as this section tends towards the wealthy and aristocratic. The houses here are the most luxurious, though not necessarily the largest since so many crave the status this quarter implies. Upperclass boutiques and services may be found here to some extent, along with the town's primary hospital and its enclosed garden.

Notable Characters
Cadeyrn Moires
Kayli's adoptive parents


This section is where most of the town's ordinary hardworking folk live, though it's also the home of not a few shops and taverns. The Cornerstone Cucco is one of the larger and more prominent inns in the district, with the dubious benefit of having a woodshop, smithy, tailor, and fortunetelling shops all within five minutes walk. As one goes towards the south wall, the houses get smaller and more crowded together, along tiny alleys. Somewhere in them is the secret meeting place of the Thieves' Guild, led by the former mercenary Viscen. Only members know the way, and it's said that they have a secret passage under the walls of the city to smuggle goods in and out….along with other, less savory, things.

Notable Characters
Haamiah Valen
Rajivo Juthaid

The Underground

Unbeknownst to the majority of the populace, a vast warren of tunnels and old mine shafts run beneath Castle Town. About half of the tunnels are part and parcel with the sewers and connect to the castle dungeons. There is usually a guard or two kept on duty around this connection. The other half have been constructed haphazardly in the years since the Twilight, some for the peace of mind of frightened citizens but most for illicit purposes. Old, abandoned crystal mines deep beneath the city and Royal Guard garrison in particular supply the rest; mostly these have been forgotten, but the rest are heavily guarded.


To the east outside the gates lies the public graveyard for the town. It tends to be populated with the occasional groundskeeper, daytime mourners, and swarm of poes. Less frequently redead may crop up. Some mausoleums have begun to expand into catacombs beneath the surface.

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