Character Page Creation

Once your character has been approved and accepted by the club admins, you can make a profile page for them here on the wiki! We have two templates you can use for your character pages - one which includes only the club's required info, and one which is a lot more in-depth. Of course, you are free to make your own layout/structure if you want! As long as it gets the information across, you can arrange it however you like.

To use one of the pre-made templates, all you have to do is enter the desired page name (probably your character's common name, e.g.: "Lock") into the "add a new page" field in under the sidebar menu. Once the editing area has loaded, you will see a drop-down box above the main text area, labelled "initial content". Selecting one of the available templates here will fill out the text area with the basic page structure; from there, you can complete sections, add or delete things to suit your character, and add images and such to make your page look saucy.

The CharaBox section

If you use a template, you'll notice the "include" area at the beginning of the text. This is a function that loads that nifty "infobox" sidebar into your character's page, using "variables" to fill it out with your character's info. Variables are listed in the format of |variablename=value. For each variable you should change "value" to whatever suits your character - but don't change anything else in the "include" area, or you will stop it from working properly! Using the | (pipe) character will also break the code, due to the way it is written, so please avoid this.

If you're unsure of what you're doing, remember you can use the "preview" button to see if everything looks right before finalising your page.

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