Crack RP setting

While some non-serious, or "crack", roleplay takes place in one of the other established settings, most crack roleplay occurs in a place known only as Limbo.


None. It's irrelevant.


Limbo consists of a semi-infinite blank white space where almost ANYTHING goes. The "Rules" of Limbo include:

  • Any object can be manifested or un-manifested on demand, by either the characters, or by their creators.
  • What happens in Limbo, stays in Limbo. Characters will only remember events that occurred in Limbo while they're there, and will forget all of it the instant they leave.
  • Characters may be injured or even killed in Limbo, but are restored when they leave, and will be alive and well when they re-enter.

Keep in mind that the freewheeling nature of crack roleplay should not be regarded as an excuse for god-modding. The club's normal rules of character injury or death, along with basic etiquette, still apply.

For some examples of ZOCC crack roleplay, check out some of the chat logs.

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