Whatever you call him, the rogue, the monkey, or the cat from hell, Dimas will happily sharpen his claws on your back… or use your eyeball as a ping pong ball - it really just depends on his mood. Either way, Dimas follows in his elder brother Majora's footsteps: life and the play are all a game to him.

Forethought is not his specialty, nor restraint. However, he does have a quick mind and the smarts to get himself out of trouble, and the presence of mind to recognize when things go too far. He will almost always defer to Tenebran's will. Dimas also has a keen sense of vengeance.

Other Names Hellcat
Status Zalmunna
Sphere Chaos, trickery
Ethos A trick undone is a welcome change unmade. You won't know what they'll do until you do first. Worshippers Criminals, thieves
Symbol A coiled flame



After Majora was sealed away in the hexing mask, he stole the fire of the Sideran Lucia, who aided in his brother's downfall, reducing her to a earthbound spirit forced to reincarnate in mortal bodies.


Dimas has no real concern or care for his followers; any may take his colors, but to expect protection would be foolish. He sometimes creates servants for schemes but will just as often make them to tear them apart.

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