Quick summary

Creator: rueyeet
Race/species: Wizzrobe
Occupation: Currently AWOL from the Order
Timeline: WW
Age: Forgotten
Hair: Not anymore
Eyes: Not visible
Skin: Not visible
Height: Somewhat less than human average
Weight: Insubstantial


Durreye doesn't really remember what it was like to be human. He knows he must have sought out the Grand Master Wizzrobe and completed the task he was given to have become what he is, but the magic rite that admitted him to the Order of Wizzrobes wiped out much of his human memory and personality. What he does know is that guarding lonely shipwrecks in the middle of the Great Sea is very, very boring.

His disobedience began when he began to creep outside, looking at the far smudges of islands on the horizon and wondering what might be on them. He started spending less and less time at this post, and more time thinking about all the many islands of the Great Sea. Eventually Durreye stopped even pretending to guard the shipwreck's treasure. Who cared about a musty old chart, anyway?

One day, a small boat came along, and a lone adventurer dressed all in green leapt onto his wrecked ship in search of that very same chart. Instead of joining the shipwreck's other monsters in fighting the intruder, Durreye smuggled himself onto the stranger's little red boat. The boat's dragon head looked at him archly, but said nothing. When boat and boy sailed away with the chart he was supposed to have been guarding, Durreye sailed with them, unseen. He disembarked at the first port, eager for his first sight of the islands.

His wandering off didn't keep the Order from tracking Durreye down, however. On a night when the full moon rode high in the sky, five of his brethren sent by the Grand Master descended upon him, and stripped him of his mask and wand. Without the mask, he could not become visible; without the staff, he could not unleash magical attacks against his foes. They wouldn't destroy him outright — too few joined the Order as it was — but Durreye would not be restored to good standing until he committed an act of evil sufficient to appease the Grand Master. With that ultimatum, they left him.

At first, Durreye mourned his misfortune. But as the new day dawned, he realized something, something important: He was free. He wouldn't have to guard boring places in the middle of nowhere ever again! True, he'd have to avoid other Wizzrobes, who would punish him on sight as long as he remained out of favor. But essentially, he was free, to go wherever he wanted.

After a bit of searching, Durreye managed to find a replacement for his mask. Now that he had a face, he could become visible again. The wand wasn't so easy, so Durreye had to make do with a Deku Stick. It didn't let him fire off any magic, but it did make him feel better. Satisfied, Durreye set off to explore the island, with its bustling town and its great windmill.

And so began Durreye's wanderings over the Great Sea. Someday he hopes to find some power of his own, something the Order can't take away.


Durreye looks pretty much like any other Wizzrobe — a floating figure, hooded and cloaked — except for his mask. While it still resembles a bird, the mask is crudely carved, with a spindly pointed beak. The paint job looks like it could have been the work of a small, not-particularly-bright child. Instead of a wand, he usually carries a Deku Stick, unless it breaks. Then he'll pick up the most wand-like object to hand.


Not much of Durreye's human personality survived the transformation into a Wizzrobe. If there's one thing that still shows, it's that he has no particular urge towards evil for evil's sake. Really, he only did it for the power and the immortality. He'd had no idea that being one of the dread Order of Wizzrobes would be so…well, boring.

While Durreye does enjoy startling people by poofing up behind them, and has absolutely no problem stealing what he wants, he's more selfish than truly evil. He's also just a little bit flighty, and between that and his surprisingly cheerful demeanor, he can come across as slightly ditzy.

In fact, Durreye's memory isn't all that good, and he doesn't tend to think things through. He doesn't so much show initiative, as he just sort of meanders wherever the mood takes him. These things, too, are an aftereffect of the magical rites that made him a Wizzrobe.


Durreye has adapted the standard Wizzrobe fighting tactic of hit-and-disappear to accommodate his lack of magic. Instead of flinging magic from a distance, Durreye will materialize next to his target, thunk them over the head with his Deku Stick, and then warp away. This is much riskier than the usual long-range Wizzrobe attack, though, and the Deku Sticks have an unfortunate tendency to break; so he tries to avoid getting into fights if he can.

The Rest

Wizzrobe: Once you've been changed into a Wizzrobe, you can't go back. Even without his mask and wand, Durreye retains certain powers. He is naturally incorporeal and invisible, and able to teleport for short distances. The mask — any mask — gives him the ability to become visible at will. However, he needs a genuine Wizzrobe wand to fling magical attacks.

Special diet: All Wizzrobes, being creatures sustained by magic, require a regular dose of green potion to live. The more magic is expended, the more potion is required. Under normal circumstances, this is provided by the Order, but Durreye has to fend for himself. Thankfully, he doesn't need as much, because of the loss of his wand. He steals what he needs when he can, and beats the bushes for rupees when he can't.

Incurable wanderlust: Durreye can't stay in one place for too long without getting stir-crazy. Almost as soon as he gets to one place, he's wondering about somewhere else. Since a Wizzrobe's teleportation is limited, he still needs some kind of transportation to get where he's going. Luckily, it's easy to stow away when you're invisible.

Roleplay notes

Durreye is currently engaged in a note RP between rueyeet and Tali-Espeon/Unagi.


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