The Flower
The Flower
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Elon
Species: Hylian
Gender: Crossdressing male. Most people assume he's a girl.
Age: About seventeen?
Height: 165cm/5'5"
Weight: 54kg/119lbs
Hair Colour: Soft red-brown
Eye Colour: China blue, almost always closed
Skin Tone: Quite pale
Biographical Data
Occupation: Wandering healer, part-time accountant
Affiliations: None
Residence: Boarding at Hylonia ranch, or wandering
Birthplace: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Parents deceased, surrogate family Adina and Melonia
Uses a bow, badly
Very powerful light magic (healing focus).
Medicine/herbalism, cooking, accountancy, very basic archery, great poker face.
Notes: Rarely opens his eyes fully (foxface!).

Elon is a somewhat vague young… man?… who wanders Hyrule to provide healing to those in need. He would probably survive for just under twelve seconds without Adina. When he isn't travelling, he can usually be found working at Hylonia Ranch.


Slim and feminine. Elon has a very gentle appearance, complemented by his manner, and aside from his figure being surprisingly slender and curvy, it's otherwise unremarkable. His hair is a soft, darkish-but-gentle sort of red; it's very light and wispy, with a long fringe flowing around his face - more on the left side - and usually worn in thick braid which sits over his right shoulder.

Distinguishing Features

Elon's eyes are strikingly deep and mature when you can see them, but not abnormal. Nothing else about him is especially remarkable. Well… except the crossdressing.

Preferred Clothing

A simple, peasant-style dress with a moderately full skirt and loose, flowing sleeves that come to mid-forearm. Over this he wears two shawls, both fringed with small tassles - one around his shoulders, tied over the middle of his chest, and a longer one around his waist, tied at the left hip. He wears small, slip-on shoes and ties his braid with a big ribbon. He's usually carryng some medical supplies, bundled in a scarf, for things he can't treat with light magic.


Elon is as sweet, gentle and friendly a person you could hope to meet. He is also, however, a little bit vague - when nothing demands his attention his mind tends to wander, as if he's mentally somewhere else. This makes him seem rather dense at first, especially since it means somebody (usually Adina) has to remind him to do such complicated things as eating and getting dressed. He more or less glides through life with a good-natured obliviousness, and it something of a miracle - or perhaps simply a testament to Adina's ability as a bodyguard - that he never seems to be harmed.

When it comes to using his healing powers, though, he could be an entirely different person - he's serious, focused, and terrifyingly competent. Very astute characters may notice that Elon is much smarter and more perceptive than he seems, at least on occasion.


Most things, it seems. He particularly likes animals, accountancy, helping people, music, and other people (particularly Adina). He's also very fond of his surrogate mother, and her ranch.


The typical "bad things" about life - mean people, suffering, et cetera.


Elon is absolutely freakishly lucky. It's not as though he makes a conscious effort, but the world simply seems to take care of him. However, monsters also seem to choose him as a target more often than not, even when there are competent fighters around.

Elon's crossdressing is an odd case; he has never been known to actually lie about his gender, but he also never goes out of his way to correct the obvious assumption. Unlike Jehan, he doesn't seem to have a reason for crossdressing; it seems for all the world that he just likes dresses. He's weird like that.

He also has a couple of odd "interaction" quirks - firstly, he has a weird speech tic, habitually saying "Ara?" when he's pulled out of his daydreams or when otherwise surprised. Secondly, he rarely open his eyes, at least fully - a bit like the "fox eyes" trait shared by many sly or crafty anime characters. In Elon's case he tends to look happy and whimsical rather than sneaky, but it's a similar principle.


Elon doesn't remember his early years, but if he could he would know that his parents died protecting him when he was only a few years old. Wounded and fleeing from monsters, the family tried to take shelter at the Ordon spring, but Elon's mother and father were beyond its power to help. However, the spring was able to heal the child, and horse who had carried them.

Moved by the event, the light spirit Ordona took pity on Elon, bestowing a blessing of good fortune on him. The spirit also granted a transformative power to the horse, Adina, giving her the duty of protecting the child for all his days. This blessing grants Elon his uncanny luck and healing talents, but also causes his vagueness - he also has a tiny echo of the light spirit's unfathomable wisdom in his mind, which does strange things to his mind when it isn't focusing.

After Elon discovered his healing talents, he came to work at a ranch which had been established in Eastern Hyrule. The owner, a kindly woman named Melonia, taught him most of his practical skills. He thinks of her very fondly, as she filled a mother's role in many ways, and often returns “home” to her when he has the time.

After some years, however, Elon took up the travelling life, deciding that it was important to take his healing gift to more people. With Adina watching over him, he travels from place to place, gathering ingredients and easing suffering wherever he can.




Adina, of course. He is also on good terms with most non-evil people he meets, particularly Saif and Mel Marthis.


Nobody in particular.


Elon is probably one of the most powerful healers in Hyrule, but is otherwise quite an abysmal combatant.


Elon has no real fighting style, unless "shooting things" is a style.


For all that he seems airheaded most of the time, Elon becomes intensely focused in combat. His reactions are amazingly quick, and he seems acutely aware of anybody who needs his help. He also has an amazing tendency to make lucky escapes, to have an opponent's weapon break at the worst time, to last just long enough for help to arrive. Even the weather seems to always work in his favour. Unfortunately, this apparent blessing does not extend to his companions.

Elon uses Light magic to impressive effect - he's quite possibly one of the best healers Hyrule has ever seen. This involves mainly healing and restorative spells, of course, but also includes some protective spells (such as Nayru's Love). For the times when this doesn't work, he also knows a lot about medicine and natural healing. Due to his time on the ranch he's an excellent horseback rider, and knows how to use a bow (though not to great effect). He's a great cook, and also - bizarrely - has a tremendous aptitude for mathematics.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Elon's a magic-user, not a combatant. He has no melee capability, and his skill with the bow is more for target-shooting or huting than fighting. Although he gets a reasonable amount of exercise due to his job, he still has a light build, and isn't designed for contests of strength or endurance. Also, as a counterpoint to his bizarre luck, he seems to be the favoured target of most monsters - that is to say, most non-intelligent enemies.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

Originally Elon was directly connected to Lon Lon Ranch, and Malon herself. This version, however, has been tweaked to suit the club's generic post-TP setting, making the references more generic. Of course, Melonia is entirely based on Malon (you can probably see the portmanteau), but she's a comically obvious reference rather than being the actual person :p


  • Elon was too young to remember his name, but he learned it from Adina.
  • Elon's theme song is Les Fleurs by 4 Hero.
  • In an ideal world, Elon would be voiced by Hisakawa Aya, for her mix of "beware the nice girl" (Unohana, Bleach) and kindly pretty-boy (Kaoru Miki, Utena).
  • Elon's name was made up, for its similarity to "Malon", but apparently it's a real African name which means "God loves me". Which is perfect.
  • Elon's name is pronounced: E as in flee, lon as in talon. No stresses.
  • Elon's title/tagline is from his theme song: Inside every man/Lies the seed of a flower/If he looks within/He finds beauty and power. I heard it in a booze commercial ;_;
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