Gerudo are a desert-dwelling race, composed almost entirely of females, who appear primarily in Ocarina of Time (though they are alluded to in various other games). Fan theory about what happened to the Gerudo in Twilight Princess is rife, but for the sake of club roleplay, it is assumed that some Gerudo still dwell in Hyrule's desert regions, as well as in more distant places like Termina's Great Bay. There has been some interaction between these groups, but broadly they seem to each have their own royalty or nobility and related hierarchies.

Notable Characters

  • The Gerudo in Hyrule are currently ruled by the ruthless Princess Indira and to a lesser extent by her sister, the mild-natured Jehana.
  • Nubira is a sorceress working as Indira's right-hand woman.
  • Sendari is a jovial hunter with mixed Gerudo/Hylian blood.
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