Great Sea setting

This setting is based on Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, and is completely separate from the generic post-TP Hyrule setting.

Timeline placement

Usually at least three generations after the events of Wind Waker.


A combination of Wind Waker's Great Sea with the Great Ocean of Phantom Hourglass. If one wants to sail far enough, the new Hyrule of Spirit Tracks is also accessible.

Non-canon elements and additions

Though the Zelda OC Club doesn't support throwing canon out the window, changes may be made to allow for a broader range of characters, or may arise out of roleplay.

  • Given the expanse of the Great Sea, it's easy to add islands here and there (the Isle of Mortre, for example).
  • A very comprehensive map based on Iris Glass, a fan-game still in the making, both incorporates major canon locations from WW and PH, and adds some new ones (see below).
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