Cool Old Biddy
Cool Old Biddy
Player: Asraniel
Full Name: Haamiah "Hammy" Valen
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 52
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145
Occupation: Weaponsmith

An aging Terminan smith with a flair for weapons and a penchant for tavern brawls, Haamiah is a reliable figure always offering company, comfort and advice for her friends. Quite able in the smith's trade, her specialty is weapons with competence repairing armor. Found just as often in Southeast Castle Town as out on the road.

Special Skills

Can usually name and date an ale by taste. Can walk on her hands for lengths at a time. Can navigate by the skies.


Smithing and repair tools, most notably a wooden mallet, hammer, and chisel; thick leather work apron and gloves; money purse; feather earring made by Rajivo; flask of liquor; pack animal named Rodriguez.


Haamiah adores good company and ale, loves her work and will fight to protect business. She is very egalitarian in whom she sells to but will cease selling if there appears to be a conflict between influential clients in order to see who comes out on top. She's very loyal to family and friends, and will usually assist if it really comes down to a fight. Haamiah's also good for starting and finishing bar fights.

She'll often put in her two cents in a conversation without invitation, ending up giving advice and counsel whether wanted or no. She also has a proclivity to starting up conversations with outright strangers and offering scamps and urchins small errands with pay. While she approves of the base concept of charity Haamiah likes to make sure that a semblance of work is done to earn it.

Despite her age (or perhaps because of it) Haamiah is a terrible flirt, especially with older men.


She grew up learning the smithing trade from her family on Snowhead and worked there for a time before setting out on her own. Haamiah married a tavern owner in southern Labrynna and had a son. She returned alone to Termina in her early thirties after an arsonist set fire to her smithy and block; Haamiah lost her son and husband to the fire, gaining severe burn scars in the attempt to save them that she still holds. She stayed only briefly in Clocktown and took to traveling the world, working as she went after that. Haamiah purchased a small house and smithy with the pirate Crista in southeast Castle Town. She frequently lets friends and associates stay, as well as using it as a place for some of her more questionable friends to lie low.

Recently Haamiah has taken up business with the Thieves Guild. It remains to be seen how this will effect her dealings with the Guard and Mercenary's Guild.


Checks the closets and under beds at random intervals. Always shakes out shoes and sandals before putting them on. Will sometimes stay out of fights in order to bet on the outcome, even if they're friends.

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