The Celestial Farseer
The Celestial Farseer
Player: Asraniel
Full Name: Confidential
Species: Confidential
Gender: Unknown
Age: Confidential
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Confidential
Occupation: Fortuneteller, mentalist, conperson

Idris is a very odd person who claims to have been born from the earwax of Nayru's left ear. Most rational people think otherwise, and the accepted explanation is that Idris is Zuna from a southern desert. Regardless, Idris showed up in Castle Town some time ago and has never left. Idris is prone to maintaining a lofty, wiser than thou attitude and randomly confronting people on the street with a few statements about a person's private life or inclinations in ways that make Idris seem like a mind-reader. Idris loves company, but Idris' know-it-all attitude can sometimes prove troublesome. Under stress, Idris often picks up Idris' robes like skirts; Idris will also scream like a little girl and run from real or perceived danger in a speedy, exaggerated waddle.

Special Skills

Mentalist, reads body language, occasionally making a real prediction, extorting money out of simple-minded fools. Can come across as woman or man as pleases, and can throw voice.


The occasional genuine prediction. These are pretty rare, and usually flat out ridiculous.


Cards, 'magic stones,' vials of brightly colored and sometimes bubbling 'potions,' vials containing eyeballs and other distasteful things, ornate playing cards. Folding fan.


"As Idris has already informed other bland mortals, Idris was born of the heavenly wax of the magnanimous Nayru's divine left ear. From within the sublime curves of our most divine priestess's audial cavity, Idris sprung forth fully formed and too blinding for mere mortals to behold. Thus the all-knowing Idris, blessed with the mother prophet's insight and wisdom, took up a cloak of the celestial vault and hides Idris' true form from those Idris has been sent to enlighten."


Speaks of self in third person; has a very flutey voice; never wears shoes or removes cloak; screams like a little girl at cuccos on sight; pours milk at the feet of children, muttering praises to 'the God of Pie Tins,' calls priests devils and liars believing they are part of a vast conspiracy. Always smells like cloves. Idris can often be found watering the flower boxes outside Idris' windows at odd hours, singing and weeping to them.

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