The Golden Hand
The Golden Hand
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Princess Indira
Species: Gerudo
Gender: Female
Age: Equivalent early-mid 30s
Height: 175cm/5'9"
Weight: 71kg/157lbs
Hair Colour: Flame Red
Eye Colour: Mauve
Skin Tone: Perfect Gerudo tan
Biographical Data
Occupation: Princess and warlord
Affiliations: The Gerudo kingdom
Residence: Gerudo Palace, Gerudo Desert
Birthplace: Gerudo Desert
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: Younger sister Princess Jehana (aka Jehan-Anar), mother deceased
Paired scimitars (family heirlooms)
Makes Nubira do it for her.
Superior dual-sword style, underlings, commanding presence, nerves of steel.
Lots of jewellery, golden gauntlets.
Notes: Extremely ruthless.

Indira is the Princess of Gerudo Valley, a ruthless ruler who seized command during a period of infighting caused by power-vacuum. Through she's not strictly evil, she's definitely an antagonist, and features mostly as a villain when she shows up in club RP.


Indira is a tall, statuesque woman with a proud bearing and considerable endowments. Her hair is a bright, fiery red, very long and very straight. She wears it in the classic Gerudo high ponytail, with only a few short strands loose at the front.

Distinguishing Features

She's fairly recognisable, but only due to her rank.

Preferred Clothing

Indira wears traditional Gerudo clothing, albeit in a somewhat "sparing" style; she does seem to be eager to flaunt as much of her body as possible. She compliments this with much jewellery and a pair of golden gauntlets rendered to look like dragon scales.


Indira is a born leader who is stern, decisive and fearsome. Unfortunately, she's also completely ruthless - in a way, she's almost a tragic figure. To force her way through her culture's archaic laws of succession, she willingly abandoned her humanity and hardened herself into a cold, cynical and undeniably brilliant leader. Although she constantly skirts the borders of genuine evil, her motivation is purer than her methods - she will protect the Gerudo people at any cost.


(To be completed)


(To be completed)


A bit racist, ruthless ruler, plays with people, likes making Nubira suffer.


With Ganondorf absent and no male born to take the Gerudo throne even after the expected 100-year mark, the Gerudo tribe had fallen into a period of infighting when Indira finally seized control of the throne. In the last ten years, she has used this power to force her people to focus on their combined survival, rather than their individual petty gripes, and begun to rebuild the Gerudo kingdom to something of its former glory. Unbeknownst to her, there is a true (male) heir amongst her people; however, even if an heir does come forward, Indira has no intention of giving up the Gerudo throne unless her rival can prove he could do better.


The Gerudo race, obviously.






Indira is an exceptional combatant, though she lacks any magical clout. She more than makes up for this with her tremendous capacity for swift violence.


Indira's style is relatively simple; armed with finely-crafted paired scimitars, she pairs graceful movement with swift, vicious sword strikes. In fact, she fights almost exactly like the dual-sword-wielding Gerudo guards featured in Ocarina of Time, though she is not so easily defeated.


Speed, agility, and a great deal of practice. Indira is a seasoned warrior with few serious weaknesses.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Like most Gerudo, Indira favours mobility over protection, and her "armour" is nothing more than a provocative joke. She relies solely on her agility to keep her out of harm's way.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

Given her role as a villain, Indira doesn't often show up in club roleplay. Hopefully she will be able to appear in a campaign arc some time soon.


  • Indira's theme song is Fistful of Sand by Five Iron Frenzy.
  • Indira's name was stolen from an SBS news presenter. I think it's a real Indian name.
  • Indira's name is pronounced: In as in inn, dir as in deer, a as in blah. Stresses on the "di".
  • Indira's title/tagline is a reference to her theme song.
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