Juthaid Clan

The Juthaid clan is one shrouded in mystery and rumor, stemming from an era long before the Hero of Time arrived in Termina. Known as dangerous hex masters and mask makers of unparalleled skill even then, they prefer to keep to themselves as their dark masters see fit; the most telling evidence of their existence only traveling outside Woodfall in the rare appearance of powerful masks.


Descended from an offshoot branch of the Dark Interlopers before much of recorded time, the Juthaid ancestors were able to somewhat appease the gods and save themselves from the fate given to their kinsman. However did not abandon their worship of the seven Zalmunna, and still actively worship them to this day. This did make them enemies, however, and they tangled frequently with the group known as the Luxcari who sought exactly the opposite relationship with the Shadowkin. After several conflagrations that spilled into open conflict with regional governments, the Juthaid withdrew into Woodfall and the Luxcari disappeared from the political scene.

At some point in Termina's dawn, Majora was thrown down and sealed into a mask crafted by the Juthaid by a guardian deity. The mask was entrusted to the Tenebrian lodge for several centuries until it was lost in a power struggle between the Majoran and Tenebrian lodges. Much suspicion was placed upon Dimasian and Naharlian agents at this time, but nothing ever proven. A full era after this the mask resurfaced in a mask collector's possession. It was stolen and used to nearly destroy Termina and much of the surrounding areas until the Hero of Time vanquished Majora's newly woken spirit.

The mask once again disappeared from the world, collected by Juthaid agents and carefully destroyed. Since then their recognition in the outside world has once again diminished as their duties have changed in accordance with their masters' wishes. Only a few times have they made so much as a blip on the radar of history since.


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Clan Structure

The clan is divvied up by allegiance, and members usually stay within the lodge they are born into save for marriage or higher decree. It is very rare and usually dangerous to move between lodges without the aforementioned reasons. Even so, leaving a lodge and entering another can be dangerous to a clansman's health.

The three largest lodges are the Tenebrian lodge led by Tabri, the Stygian lodge led by Neburo, and Naharlian, led by Vultro. Dimas and Majora's lodges are about half the size and lack central leadership; blended anarchy and democracy function to run both. The Abyssian lodge is small and has not been in strength for several eras, but the ranking member is currently Podame as the elder of the lodge keeps himself locked in the upper chambers. Oscuri's lodge is a mere formality, an empty, rotting shell with only two manic members.

Rank is determined by skill in clan crafts, birth order, and attention to duties for their masters. Neonates, those who have not yet proven themselves through either familial intrigue or through attention to crafts, are forbidden to leave Woodfall until their loyalty to clan is apparent. After that point a clansman is given direction and tasks. Those of particular skill and devotion are sent out of Woodfall to be more direct players in their masters' schemes. When a clansman displays unwavering devotion and gives consistent results, they receive honorary marks first mundane, then the allegiance marking of a patron shadow. On rare occasion, however, they have been used as a measure of control over dangerous clansmen and to rein in those deemed necessary for higher purposes.


The number of clansmen within Juthaid territory typically ranges between 80 and 120. Another 30 to 40 may be far abroad on tasks at any given time. Between fratricide, intrigue, and death in the line of fire, life expectancy is kept low and birth rates kept very high. It is not uncommon for nuclear units to have as many as fourteen children; such mothers often die in childbirth.

Tabri - One of the primary council elders and master necromancer, Tabri is a powerful figure within the clan and leads the Tenebrian lodge. He is suspicious of outsiders, unforgiving of dissent, and firm in his devotion to his masters. Tabri has been known to make inhumane sacrifices if not for the good of the tribe then at least upon orders from the Raptor's generals.

Aglani - The ancient Lorekeeper of the tribe, Aglani proves a vexing puzzle to many of her younger relatives. Her age, already far advanced by necromantic standards, and her still supremely sharp wit and intellect make her a force to be reckoned with within the clan; her continued service in the Fox's name make it only more troublesome. Her propensity to be something of a firecracker and relatively open to outsiders is considered only a nuisance.

Nappi - A neonate within the Naharlian lodge and apprenticed to Aglani, this young boy has demonstrated a tendency towards the Sight. While his loyalty to the Fox has not wavered, the question remains as to how long he can keep his sanity if his path moves more strongly towards the Seer.

Dakari - Dakari is a hunter of rank within his mother Neburo's lodge. He has earned multiple honorary tattoos and a shadow summon, and is tasked with guarding the clan's territory as a border keeper.

Podame - A member of rank within the dwindling Abyssian lodge, Podame is a master maskmaker and shrewed merchant. Along with Kudrens she is one of the main faces of the tribe to outsiders and traders.

Kudrens - Eldest son of Tabri and warlock of standing within his lodge, Kudrens functions as one of the primary faces seen by outsiders dealing with the clan. His actions are still influenced by the perceived desertion by his two youngest sisters and he is one of the most distrustful of outsiders.

Koyon - Hexmaster and semi-retired spymaster, Koyon serves as one of the ranking members in the Naharlian lodge. Immediately suspicious of anyone who has left Woodfall or come from without, he is nonetheless an immaculate master of deception when he chooses. His abilities to ferret out information even from within Woodfall place him on a list of clansmen his relatives tread lightly around.

Neburo - Neburo is a councilwoman and hexmistress leading the clan's Stygian lodge. Always chill but civil, she is known to be a constant schemer, and oversees the tactical deployment of their top Stygian adherents with the Bloodhorn Lliadi.

Gorris - Neburo's cousin and a ranking warlock within her lodge, Gorris is a stern, humorless man who serves on the Council of Elders. He has little tolerance for deserters and helps to coordinate Stygian operatives outside of Woodfall.

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