Basic Stats


Name: Kamielle
Current Age: 15
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: ~90 lbs.
Race: Hylian
Family: Older Brother (Spheira), Mother (Aita, deceased), Father (Nathaniel, deceased)
Timeline: Through OoT and post-game (or the ZOCRP timeline which we have no clue when THAT is.)


Kamielle grew up on an orchard farm west of the capital city of Hyrule, and she lived there until she was five. She was born with a very weak immune system and, for that reason, frequently became ill. When she was five, Gannondorf ursurped the throne of Hyrule, unleashing monsters upon a land with no hero to save them. As the monsters spread, a pack of moblins found their farm and raided their house, murdering their parents. Kamielle only survived when her brother, Spheira, pulled them through the wall of their barn using latent shadow magic. During the rescue, she contracted an illness from the shadows themselves and became terminally ill.

They fled to Castle Town, and her brother soon put her in a hospital where she would be living as they worked to find a cure for her illness. She never really questioned how her brother was able to pay the bills since she believed his story that he had joined an acting troupe and was making money by working for them. Throughout her life she always remained optimistic that her brother and teh doctors would somehow find a cure for her.


  • Incredibly polite
  • Sweet
  • Caring of others' problems rather than her own
  • Innocent
  • Optimistic


She's very frail and, due to her practically growing up with this illness, she's very thin. As stated before, she has a very weak immune system and is very susceptible to illness and disease. Her "shadow sickness" comes in waves, ranging in intensities anywhere from a light cough and lightheadedness to a full-out coughing of blood and loss of consciousness. It's nearly impossible to predict when the more intense bouts will happen, and so it's almost all the doctors can do to just monitor her health.


No known magical abilities.


  • Spheira- Spheira is her older brother and the only living relative she has left. She's incredibly attached to him for this reason, and tries not to seem so sick while he's around because she hates making him worry. Kamielle made him the sash he wears around his waist for his 11th birthday, since she had learned how to make cloth from one of the nurses in the hospital and had used the action to pass time while her brother was away and she was not being tested. If it had not been for her brother, she would not be living. She knows about his shadowmagic, but she doesn't really concern himself with thoughts of the horrible things he could do with them. She sees the positive aspects of the powers rather than the negatives and he often uses these powers to things such as create moving images on the walls while he tells her stories.


  • She loves swapping stories with anyone willing to listen to her or willing to tell one to her.
  • She remembers nothing of how exactly they escaped their farm on the day the moblins invaded.
  • She's much more mature than Spheira in a lot of ways
  • She learned how to read and write while in the hospital and, book-wise, is more intelligent than her older brother



  • Sunny days and fresh air
  • Spending time with her brother
  • Singing
  • Telling stories
  • Sunflowers and lilies
  • Freshly fallen snow


  • Rain
  • Seeing people sad
  • Being alone


  • Her optimism allows her to overcome most odds mentally
  • Is rather safe in the hospital
  • Her loyal brother


  • Terminally ill
  • Stuck in a hospital
  • Frail and Weak, physically
  • All-around very vulnerable
  • Extremely trusting of others


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