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Player: Hyperionwitch
Personal Data
Full Name: N/A
Species: Sheikah
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair Colour: Platinum blonde
Eye Colour: Red
Skin Tone: Pale, slightly rough, and laced with scars.
Biographical Data
Occupation: Shadow Witch
Affiliations: N/A
Residence: Somewhere in Hyrule
Birthplace: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A
Shadow manipulation (shadow walking, shadow merging, change shadow's shape)
Talented manipulator, excellent at reading people
Traveling cloak and veil
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Kinkeide is a mischief-causing, self-titled Shadow Witch living in Hyrule and generally causing chaos wherever she sees fit. A runaway Sheikah who grew up with a very stunted idea of what life is like, she currently spends her time stealing what she wants from others and causing problems to amuse herself. She has a small army of minions at her disposal, as well, and she uses these poor folks to do the dirty work she's too busy for.


Heavy-set with a generous bosom (generous possibly being an understatement), Kinkeide could appear to be a stocky, matronly figure if one did not look at her face. Crossed with scars framing a pair of cruel, red eyes, she is anything but lovable in appearance. Her long, pale blonde hair flops carelessly over one eye while pieces of it are wrapped and thrown over her shoulders. Her pale, noblewoman skin is incongruously marred with more white scars from years of carelessly enduring attacks from discontented law enforcers. She carries herself regally, drawn up to her full height of nearly five feet, and gazes around as though the pitiful people around her are merely insects.

Distinguishing Features

Her bright red eyes are rather distinctive, marking her as a Sheikah along with her pale hair. Her numerous scars are also somewhat unique, as they are covering a woman who acts as though she has never done hard labor in her life.

Preferred Clothing

Anything rich or luxurious is right up Kinkeide's alley. She prefers cool colors, most commonly a long, royal blue gown with silver trim and a sheer, black sash that matches the netted veil she wears hanging over her face at most times. She also commonly wears a long, black traveling cloak fastened with a square, blue pin. She claims this assists in shadow walking, but she also vainly finds it dramatic as it flows out behind her.


The fastest way to explain Kinkeide's personality is in how she describes herself. Usually, as an introduction, she almost immediately calls herself “the Shadow Witch”, and adds a side note about how any unfortunate connotations that the word “witch” carries are all true about her. And, in fact, this is a pretty accurate statement. Kinkeide is fairly vain, cruel, manipulative, and selfish. She is the type of person one would expect to burn ants with a magnifying glass just for the fun of it. She finds chaos completely entertaining, and she enjoys doing things simply to stir up trouble.

Of course, she is also fairly careless. While she dresses nicely and pretties herself up with makeup and jewelry, she is also covered in numerous scars that neatly display her reckless behavior in the past—and she's constantly gaining new scrapes. This is due to her tendency to claw her way to what she wants—if she wants to break into your house, she will shadow walk into it, take what she wants, and get herself attacked by city guards in the process. Oh, she can escape just fine, but her insatiable urge to laugh at and gloat over those she has caused misfortune usually gets her in trouble. Fortunately for her, she cares very little for what law enforcement thinks of her, and she is the type to get in a fight one day and wander imperiously through the town square the very next week.

A rogue Sheikah who ran away when she was small, she cares very little for where she came from and focuses instead on what she remembers and what is relevant to her aspirations. She had to scrape and scramble from being an orphan to get where she is today—a talented, powerful witch who is feared by many (or so she assumes) and who can get herself out of any situation, which she considers to be a very high position indeed. She has a small band of minions working for her these days, another ill-gotten gain (mostly blackmail) she is excessively proud of, and she has begun using these individuals to cause the chaos she so enjoys watching, but this doesn't mean she can't get her hands dirty. Her “followers” can attest to seeing her frequently nursing small injuries with an amused twist to her smirk.


Wealth, gems, fancy clothing, chaos, bossing people around


Rebellion, disagreement, boredom


For all that Kinkeide believes she is a famous, powerful witch, she is really not too well known. In some locations that have been particularly traumatized by her meddling, there are stories that float around (some small villages, admittedly, do threaten their children with tales of the Shadow Witch), but in larger areas like Castle Town and Clock Town, the most people know about her is that she is some crazy woman who occasionally shows up and causes trouble with the law.
She relies heavily on her magic to do most things. Years of experience have honed her shadow manipulating abilities, even if she isn't as technically skilled as a formally taught Sheikah, and she's come to lean on it so much so that she rarely ever travels long distances on foot anymore. She much prefers to pop up wherever she chooses and stroll elegantly through town, showing off what she considers to be a powerful physique.

Very good at reading people (as well as spying on them, thanks to her shadow walking), Kinkeide's primary form of manipulation is blackmail. Most of her hirelings are forced to work for her thanks to various dark secrets she holds over their heads. She can also threaten, which she is happy to do, but she finds it less elegant and only uses the method if she cannot get information on someone (her bodyguard/assassin, Lakai, is an example of someone who was originally threatened into working for her). Seduction is her last form of manipulation, but as her personality is almost tangibly awful, this rarely works. Drunk people who are interested in her ample bosom are usually the only people drawn in this way.


At a very young age, so young that she does not recall (nor care to recall), Kinkeide ran away from her Sheikah clan. She no longer remembers which clan it was or why she left—just the name she left home with—but then these sorts of things are hardly important to her. As an ill-bred orphan wandering around in the world with no properly taught morals, she spent a great deal of time swiping food and belongings from kind (and not so kind) strangers, hiding out in barns and basements until she could get enough money to buy real things. It wasn't until she accidentally discovered her ability with shadow magic that she began really making headway in the world. Once she stumbled upon this ability, she began obsessively honing it, learning how to use it to her advantage, and by the time she was a teenager, she could reliably use magic without doing something stupid.

The first thing she did with this power was break into a particularly juicy-looking house and dispose of the owner. It was the first time she had killed a person, but then she had killed animals before (to survive, mainly, when she couldn't find someone to steal from) and that had never bothered her. Once that was done, she set up a base and began acquiring things she wanted that seemed to make other people happy—jewelry, expensive clothing, luscious food, anything she could get her hands on. Her shaky shadow walking skills became more honed, and she could skip into town and hide out for easier stealing. This continued for many years, allowing Kinkeide to accumulate a large collection of pricey items and live a luxurious life secluded in her stolen home.

As she grew older, she grew bored of simply surviving. She had everything she wanted, now all she did was wallow in her belongings. She began showing up in towns, creating little messes or problems just to see how people would react, and these messes and problems became worse and worse the more time she spent vising towns. She also slowly came to understand people more, figure things out about them by observation. Her social skills had always been a little stunted, so she had always been good at watching people from a distance, but now that she wanted to use it for exciting new purposes, she started learning how to behave in polite society. Once she could pass for a normal person, she could start using her observational skills for blackmail, which she began doing as soon as possible. That was the start of her miniature army.

Nowadays, with a handful of people to do her bidding, Kinkeide focuses her efforts on causing trouble for her own amusement, now even easier with a personal assassin she can send to kill whoever she wishes (she is surprisingly sparing with this ability, saving it for people she thinks would be fun to kill). Her other minions cause minor trouble, as well, but mainly they restock her food supplies and find her pretty things.




  • Lakai - Kinkeide's "right hand man", if you will. Lakai has been her personal assassin for a several years now, and while she doesn't like the way Lakai seems completely unaffected by Kinkeide's bullying and manages to keep many secrets from the woman, she appreciates her efficiency and willingness to do her job.


Any town's law enforcement—as soon as she causes serious trouble, the guards of towns and cities start keeping an eye out for her, and she has a tendency to cause serious trouble anywhere she can.

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