Full Name: Kiri
Creator: Melzor
Race: Unknown, known as the Fierce Diety (Onigami = Japanese)
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'4"
Weight: Around 280 lbs.
Occupation: Celestial guardian and keeper of the balance
Weapon(s): Double Helix Sword, light/dark energies (depending on the tilt of the balance)

Pale skin with silver hair and completely white eyes. Has red and blue markings on face and body. Hair styled after the Fierce Diety Mask of Majora's mask, with bangs like Link's, but long in the back (about thigh length) He's heavily muscled and rarely changes facial expressions.

His usual attire consists of decorative armor that only covers half of his torso(it really serves no other purpose, thus the ineffectiveness of it) that has markings of a crescent moon and a triangle(force, because it's not "tri"force, so force works) on his chest, a black skin-tight undershirt(sleeveless), pale blue "skirt" with armor also decorated with the moon and force (*coughcrotcharmorcough*) He wears a necklace with three blue gems in a row and half-finger gloves. He has a moon and force earring in each ear, and an ear cuff on his left ear. (picture will come later)

Kiri is all about business. He's the typical stoic type, not letting things bother him or get in his way. He's rather intimidating on the exterior, and for the most part, it fits his interior exactly. His most common emotions are normal,indifference, annoyed, pissed, content, and serious. As a being created solely to keep the balance between light and dark, he normally only has acquaintances from whichever side he is currently aligned with until that alignment ends, but no real friends or family (technically he is the son of the goddesses, but he hasn't seen them since the balance was thrown out of whack) He is usually polite to most people, though if he's annoyed he's rather blunt, and outright brutal when he's royally ticked off.

Kiri was created by the goddesses simultaneously with the Siderans and Zalmuna as an instrument for which to keep the balance between the two sides. Idealy, he was to act as judge and jury to take care of disputes in a civil manner, and should someone of one side or another be unable to perform their duties, he would take their place, but for the most part they would govern themselves. Kiri mostly stayed out of the way, basically serving only as a little conscience for both sides and for the most part, they'd resolve their problems on their own.

Kiri became involved after the birth of Anwar, an new member among the Siderans. Controversy arose among Siderans and Zalmuna alike, and Kiri watched from his post, only allowed to jump in should the most extreme need arise. From what Kiri could conclude, the Siderans had a serious talk about the new child, and by law it wasn't supposed to happen. Lawful people by nature, they knew someone had to be punished for it, and the leader of the Sideran's, Ziven, who was viewed as one of the most just of them all, felt it was his fault for letting it happen, and took the blame. When Ziven was exiled to the shadow lands, Kiri was called to take a role on the side of the Siderans. He was at the bottom of the rope, sort to speak, but he took his job very seriously. Later, it came to light that the child's father was Majora (later to be uncovered as a really messed up prank on his part) and in the midst of it all, one of the Zalmuna was killed. Majora, with the help of the other Siderans, the more lawful of Zalmuna, and Kiri, was banished from the shadow lands.

Kiri ran a bit of cleanup with Majora's followers, lesser shadows who had aligned themselves with him. They were a nuisance at best, though a few of his less desirable "creations" couldn't be found.

Kiri continued to aid the Siderans, and with their leader gone and the Anwar situation looking very dim, even suggested that he be put in charge of it. He was indifferent either way, and whatever their plans as a whole were, he could take care of it flawlessly. His plans were interrupted, however, when Majora trespassed into the mortal realm. He spread chaos across the land, and once again Kiri was called to take care of it. He followed Majora to the mortal realm and fought to try and destroy him. As much as he fought, however, he wasn't strong enough to defeat Majora on his own. He called on the power of the goddesses, the only ones that could do anything about him now, and sacrificed his own self to trap Majora (as punishment). In turn, Kiri would also be trapped, keeping the balance at least relatively even.

(this part gets theoretical, allowing for the theory of others as well as my own.) Originally, Kiri (as well as Majora) were not encased in masks, but it was more in a sense that their essence and power were encased by the goddesses, though left in the mortal realm. Eventually, there were people who found these powers, tribes who excelled in magic and powers they normally should have no access to, and both beings were trapped in masks.

In theory, Majora's mask was created first. It's history of being part of clan rituals and driving people mad had already been around for a while, and then fell to the J'Thaid clan. (this is me trying to put pieces together) the previous clan holding the mask was banished (Twilight realm, who I think are the Zuna+Gerudo, but that's not for me to decide) and the J'Thaids, also having been drawn by the mask, used it in their rituals. Before they could be banished, however, they pleaded to save themselves with an opposing power, something to counter Majora's mask. They had discovered the sleeping essence of Kiri, and created a mask as well. The J'Thaid clan was spared, not without a few consequences, but spared none the less.

Both masks passed through many generations, and came across many people, good and evil alike. Even the Fierce Diety mask wasn't always used for good (thus why it is said to have evil in it in MM)

After the events of Majora's Mask, Majora was thought to have been destroyed, though it wasn't true. Kiri was still trapped in the mask and returned to the J'Thaid clan, where it was kept away from all others. The mask only found its way to a new "host" when Majora was "resurrected" once again by powerful black magic practitioners, set free from his weakened seal.

Kiri's sleeping form was awakened in the mask and found its way to Lock (Lock "Red Shock") and his old friend Vincent of the Siderans, whose power freed him from the mask.

Now, with the majority of the mortal world geared toward darkness and Majora having returned, Kiri is once again working with the Siderans for the general betterment of the mortal world.

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