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Labrynna is ruled by a system of elected monarchy. The government at its most basic is comprised of three bodies; the King's Council, the Major Council, and the Tribune. The King's Council consists of the current King and/or Queen of Labrynna, technically an elected position but effectively hereditary, and the Minor Council, a group of five statesmen who assist the regent.

The regent is formally elected by public ballot for life, and is Labrynna's foremost representative in international politics. The regent proposes and guides policy, has the ability to veto what the Major Council produces, acts as Commander in Chief, and choses membesr of the Tribune from candidates proposed by public ballot. The regent technically must be native to Labrynna and reside in either Lynna City or Symmetry City. The elections are however a mere formality as the prior regent's designated heir is almost always elected.

The Minor Council is a group of statesmen, two from Lynna City and one from each of the other three major settlements, chosen by the Regent from a list of candidates agreed upon by the Major Council and public ballot of the respective settlements. Their office lasts for as long as they are asked to stay, be it for a day or for life. Members of the Minor Council are expected to advise the regent in matters of policy and act as governors for the four settlements. For Lynna City, one of the statesmen is appointed Mayor of the city, the other is appointed Duke of the municipality as a whole. The other three statesmen are referred to as Baron of their respective municpality. Symmetry City elects their own mayor through public ballot in accordance with old customs.

The Major Council is a group of thirteen representatives elected from the four municipalities for the creation and management of national legislature. Twelve are elected, three from each municipality, by popular ballot. The last is appointed by the regent. To be eligible for provincial representative, one must have lived in the respective province for at least ten years. Terms last five years and re-election is unlimited. Members are referred to as Councilor.

The Tribune is the supreme tribunal and judicial body in Labrynna, responsible for any issues brought against elected officials. They are appointed by the regent and hold the position for life.

The four municipalities of Labrynna are:
Lynna, encompassing all the way from the ruins of the Black Tower, Lynna City, through the Forest of Time and the Yoll Graveyard. Its seat of government is Lynna City.
South Shore, encompassing the South Shore and port as well as the islands of the Sea of Storms and Crescent Island. Its seat of government is the small port town of South Shore.
Talus, encompassing from Talus Lake in the far north, south through the peaks into Zora territory. Its seat of government is the small mountain town on the shore of Talus Lake.
Nuun, encompassing Symmetry City in the west through the highlands, the Labrynnan side of Rolling Ridge and the town of Lynx Pass. Its seat of government is the city of Symmetry.


Towns and Villages

Lynna City is the bustling capitol of Labrynna. Looked over by the enormous Black Tower, Lynna City is a center of politics and commerce for the region. The Nuun River runs through the city and has gained several canals off of it over time; bridges both plain and extravagant can be found throughout the city to cross the river. Near the center of the city the old Maku Tree towers and spreads its canopy over several city blocks, with a new sapling growing in its shade.

South Shore is the thriving port town and maritime trade hub for Labrynna. Ships from neighboring and far off lands regularly dock there.

Talus Lake, too small to be a town but too big for a village, is the settlement above the Talus Peaks, and serves as regional seat of governance. The main claim to fame for Talus Lake is all the mining and logging that take place amongst the peaks.

Symmetry City
Symmetry City is notable for its inner city surrounding and being located within a small inactive volcano's caldera. The city still holds the tradition of balance and symmetry in high regard and both holds festivals to this ideal as well as being strict about new construction and civic works adhering to this principle.

Lynx Pass is the small village that sits at the Labrynnan entrance to the Lynx Caverns that connect Labrynna to the Lynx Canyon system, Gerudo desert and Lost Woods.

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