MtG - Legends of Hyrule

Legends of Hyrule is a ZOCC-themed Magic: the Gathering set conceived by Fox and reluctantly aided by Talen. While it's not exactly a standard set, the goal is to make cards that fit within the realms of MtG's concepts, rules and power levels - cards that could be played alongside real Magic cards. Club members are invited to submit their own card concepts, or characters they would like to have made into a card, as per the rules below.

An example of completed cards, using mostly Fox and Talen's characters, can be found here.

Rules for Submitting Characters


  • If you don't have a concept for what the card should do, you should pick out one or two of your character's key abilities and give me a general idea of how it works. For example, Skri's goron heritage makes him insanely tough, so he can't be killed by normal damage. Kafei can see a tiny bit into the future, so he he lets you look at cards your opponents haven't drawn yet.
  • Don't worry at all if you can't give me a complete card concept, I can just work with your ideas :3
  • A creature should only have a few abilities though, so choose the most important things your character does!
  • Give me an idea of how powerful the character's baseline attack and defence are, by comparison to a normal person. You don't have to use numbers, but try to give a simple comparison if you can.
  • Pick a few key terms to describe the character's main personality traits. This is very important! In Magic, the character's personality is the main thing that determines what colour the card should be. For example, the key traits of Talen's watchman, Silver, are that he's very dutiful and lawful, so in Magic he's White. Alin the poe, on the other hand, is a selfish, childish thrillseeker - he's definitely Red.
  • Include an image! I want all the cards to look totally sweet when finished :D It doesn't have to be great art, but it should be in colour and of a decent resolution.
  • Creature Types: Tell me what you think the character should be classed as - a wizard, soldier, knight, cleric, whatever. Make sure I also know their race/species (see the notes below).


  • If you're familiar with MtG, you can submit a complete mechanical concept if you want - just make sure it fits existing Magic rules and power levels! We might alter it for power or thematic reasons, but we'll try to keep the idea intact. If you explain the concept behind the card's abilities, that will help :3
  • If you have an idea for your card's name, tell me that too. Usually it's the character's full name, like "Red Shock Lock", or first name plus a descriptive title, like "Isolde, Sheikah Outcast".
  • Including a "flavour quote" for your character will make their card cooler. This should be a fairly short, and might be a quote from them (or about them), or a general bit of cool descriptive text that exemplifies their personality or abilities.

Help With Concepts


If you want to know more about colours, it's pretty simple. There are a few concepts associated with each colour; it's not necessary that a creature identify with all of them, mind you - colour is a "best fit" description. If your character has key traits associated with more than one colour, their card might even be multicolour.

For more detailed information on the colour wheel, Wizards' official MtG site has a great introduction.

Creature Types/Races

Some LoZ races already have a parallel in MtG - for example, zora can be classed as merfolk, poes are spirits, gorons are golems, etc. This might feel a little odd, but the broad categories are used to help creatures interact with other cards. For example, in Magic's asian-themed "Kamigawa" block, nezumi (anthropomorphic ratfolk) had the Rat type, while kitsune (many-tailed fox anthropomorphs) had the Fox type, rather than creating new types for "nezumi" and "kitsune".

Currently, though, I am still using race divisions for all the "humanish" races - Hylians, Sheikah, Gerudo, Terminians, Humans and Garo - because I felt it was important to differentiate. The generic MtG races are egenrally used when there is only one type of that creature present - the only Goblin creatures in Kamigawa were "Akki", the only cat creatures in Mirrodin were "Leonin", and so forth. Human/Hylian-like races are so diverse in the Zeldaverse that making them all humans would destroy much of the "tribal" effect Magic likes to create. (Footnote: The jury is still out on whether Hylians can be grouped with elves, because Mel would bite me :p Probably "elf" is a better place for Kokiri.)

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