Player: Hyperionwitch
Personal Data
Full Name: N/A
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 62
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair Colour: Light brown/grey
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Tone: Tanned by the sun, leathery and scarred
Biographical Data
Occupation: Merchant/Guard
Affiliations: N/A
Residence: Clock Town
Birthplace: Ordon Village
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A
Marksmanship, expert haggling
Crossbow and quiver, everything else is in his wagon
No additional notes available.

Lester is a crotchety guard-turned merchant traveling the world with his partner, Ainur, and selling her hand-made clothing. While he still functions as a guard when they travel, using his crossbow with skill gained from years of experience, he also acts as a manager, handling sales and treasury.


Every bit the older man he is, Lester is short, stout, and covered in wear and tear. His face, which is lined in creases and wrinkles hidden by a ragged beard, is tanned and scarred. His expression is almost unfailingly fixed in a scowl, frowning over his half-moon glasses, and his worn hands are usually preoccupied with sitting in pockets or resting on crossed arms. He dresses plainly and practically, in sharp contrast to the clothing he helps to sell, and he comes across as an honest but grumpy fellow, thanks to his slight slouch and general demeanor.

Distinguishing Features

Lester has a large, prominent scar running along the left side of his face from his lower lip up to his cheekbone. Due to his tan complexion, this light scar stands out, splitting his goatee where the hair can no longer grow.

Preferred Clothing

Always one to be simple, he wears sturdy shoes, a pair of black slacks that have seen many years of wear, a white button-up shirt, plain suspenders, and a worn black coat. He has worn essentially this same outfit for years—he is a creature of habit.


Lester is your typical, grouchy old man. Had he a porch, he maintains he would be happy to sit on it for the rest of his days, pointing his crossbow at anyone unfortunate enough to come into his personal space. However, the man has not been "lucky" enough in life to be able to settle down, even after he retired from merchant guarding. Truth be told, as much as he complains, Lester is really the sort of man who doesn't really like sitting still, so he's secretly content with toting Ainur around the world and selling her things. You'll never see him admitting this, though.

Though he tends to come off as gruff, rude, and uncaring, Lester isn't a bad guy. He will almost always help someone who actually needs help (especially if Ainur is already harassing him about it), and though he'll grumble about it incessantly, he never seems to skimp on his assistance. The only instance in which this seems to be limited is in matters of money. Lester is not exactly stingy, but he firmly believes that he and Ainur earned their money and unless someone is in very dire straits, he's not going to hand over a single rupee.

In general, Lester is a simple guy with simple needs. He's perfectly happy with his single set of clothing, old and reliable crossbow, and a small wagon where he can keep the few things he still has. He never had much growing up and he stubbornly holds on to that way of life. Therefore, he can often be found criticizing people for living in excess (Ainur usually gets targeted for this a lot, given her rather large collection of outfits). However, this is usually meant as a lesson rather than just mean-spirited critique. The man isn't generally very mean or even angry—just kind of grumpy.


Traveling, simplicity, keeping an eye on Ainur, frugality


Too much peace, rudeness, idiots, wastefulness


Lester speaks with somewhat of a drawl and doesn't exactly sound educated. His parents weren't exactly well offthey were simple farmersand once Lester got old enough to leave and go to more "metropolitan" areas, he stubbornly refused to change his way of speaking. Therefore, you'll often find him chopping off the beginnings and ends of words, favoring "ain't", and frequently employing double negatives.

Though he denies it if it's brought up, he has a tendency to take on a fatherly role to people who seem to require it. Most frequently, this applies to Ainur, but if he ends up helping out someone younger, he'll often spout advice and criticisms in an attempt to help them out, much like a stern father might.

Lester is a damn good merchant. He's great at haggling, has a natural sense for good selling locations (thanks to years of following merchants around), and he's just generally fantastic at making people deals that, in the end, earn he and Ainur quite a profit. He's got a good head for these things.

He doesn't have a temper at all, really. At least not a violent one. He's happy to shoot down threats, of course, and if you screw with him he's going to beat the crap out of you (he's not exactly a frail guy). However, most of the time he just gets irritated as opposed to openly angry. He has a surprising amount of patience, so even when he is complaining about something, he'll continue putting up with said something for quite a long time.


Lester was born and grew up in Ordon Village with his parents and siblings, all farmers. He lived a relatively simple life, which he enjoyed, and he picked up marksmanship early. Any time he wasn't working in the fields, he'd be out and about, practicing his archery.

His interests eventually switched over completely, having little interest in farming and much more in hunting. With his family's blessing (it wasn't as if his work specifically was necessary to keep the farm running), he took a small pack and his bow and set out into the world. He traveled from place to place for a while, surviving on his skills alone, before he wound up in Castle Town and saw that there were plenty of merchants who needed to travel through Hyrule with some form of protection. Lester quickly decided this would be a good way to make a living—after all, he was great at shooting a moving target. He even picked up a new weapon, a crossbow, to assist in his new profession

For many years, Lester spent time traveling with merchants through Hyrule and the surrounding countries. He was particularly taken with Termina, which seemed somewhat quiet and pleasant. He made friends with a man in Clock Town, and he often stopped there to see how he was doing when he came through the town.

When he finally decided to retire from his job, comfortably well off at the age of fifty five, Lester chose to stay in Clock Town. He had always liked the place, even if his old friend had passed away by then. However, after only a year of settling down, he found that he was restless. A peaceful life, as it turned out, was too peaceful for him. Fortunately, he was soon approached by a young woman named Ainur who claimed to be the daughter of his old friend. She wanted to travel the world and sell her clothing, and since she had no experience with protecting herself, she proposed he travel with her and keep her safe in exchange for compensation. He refused at first, not wanting to get back into his old field by principle, but after a good deal of insistence from the girl and a realization that this would be good for him, he grudgingly accepted the offer and set off with Ainur.

Eventually, Lester took on the merchant role for the pair, allowing Ainur to focus on her clothing. He had spent so many years watching merchants that he had picked up some of their skills, and he was happy to try something new for a change. By the present, he is secretly content with doing this work and keeping an eye on Ainur, who he has come to see as a sort of daughter.




  • Ainur - While he works with Ainur, he also sees her as a bit of an adopted daughter, though he is unlikely to admit it. He is also her business partner, handling the majority of sales.
  • Nick and Zahira - He considers these two friends on top of having a pretty good business partnership with them. He can frequently be found visiting them when he's in Castle Town.




Like everything else, Lester is very straightforward in his attacking, sharpshooting threats with his crossbow and managing to keep enemies enough at bay that he never has to do anything beyond that.

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