The Red Strokes
The Red Strokes
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Leyla
Species: Hylian
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 176cm/5'10"
Weight: 65kg/144lbs
Hair Colour: Dark violet
Eye Colour: Deep red
Skin Tone: Somewhat pale
Biographical Data
Occupation: "Intimancer"
Affiliations: "The Mistress"
Residence: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: None known
"Chainblade" (segmented longsword)
Intimancy - magic which draws power from emotions.
Psychology, chainblade style.
Small extradimensional space (one well-furnished room) in sword hilt.
No further notes.

Leyla is a sexy, confident warrior-mage who draws power from the emotions of those around her.


Statuesque. Leyla has a magnificent womanly figure, tall and leggy, well-endowed and curvy, with relatively broad shoulders; her build is slim but lithe, well-toned if not muscular. Her hair is a dark violet, falling in dramatic waves around her face; usually worn loose, with a fringe parted slightly to the right, it is roughly thigh-length.

Distinguishing Features

None, beyond being remarkably attractive.

Preferred Clothing

Leyla normally wears a loose, low-cut white top which laces up at the front, under a deep red matador's jacket with gold trim. The shirt tucks into a matching red corset under her bust, leading into tight brown leggings and thigh-high, dark brown leather boots with gold-coloured armour plates. Matching golden plates top the shoulders of her jacket, giving her a refined "lady of battle" appearance.

Leyla's "secret" battle costume is a black leather halter-top, laced at the bustline, along with matching bikini-cut bottoms, high-heeled thigh boots, and opera gloves. The whole thing features a lot of buckles, rings and straps, lending to her deliberately sexual - and dominant - image. Although it's hard-wearing and practical enough to ensure that nothing slips out of it when she's in action, it's also a little silly for everyday wear.

Leyla's only accessory is her weapon, which she calls a "chainblade". It's a long, thin sword - rather like a rapier with an edged blade - which upon closer inspection is segmented into many arrow-shaped sections. Using her magic, Leyla can extend the blade to act much like a whip or chain.


Where it comes to personality, Leyla is fairly true to her image - she's highly confident, openly sexual, prideful, slightly vain, and very dominant. She has a good sense of humour, if rather perverse, and enjoys teasing her comrades (though only if she intends to follow through - she doesn't make empty implications). She's self-assured but sensible; while she might come across as overconfident, it's more that she's always thinking ahead, and preparing for any likely scenario. She also has a great understanding of people, and is highly insightful when it comes to social matters.

Due to the nature of her powers, some might expect her to be a seductress, but this isn't the case; Leyla commands, not manipulates, and is in fact rather scornful of the whole "femme fatale" idea. She considers that sort of thing to be the premise of people with better looks than self-esteem - and besides, she's worldly enough to know that there are very few people who are actually pathetic enough to give in to that sort of thing. Her style and appearance is deliberate, of course, but it's not for the sake of her enemies - she'd never lower herself to trying to appeal to someone she didn't like.


Interacting with other people, analysing people, being in control, people with lots of flaws and/or quirks. And… well… sex. Leyla also has a driving interest in psychology; she likes to know how people work, what they're thinking, and what they want.


Stupid or ignorant people, dull people, manipulative people, people who "advertise what they aren't selling", prudes, overly conservative types, people who judge others for their desires. Any girl who complains about people looking at her cleavage when she's wearing a low-cut top. Also, she won't under any circumstance willingly give another person control over her.


Oddly enough, Leyla does not revere the goddesses of Hyrule, nor any other deity or supernatural figure. It's not that she denies their existence, and she certainly doesn't try to change other peoples' views of the gods - however, she personally refuses to worship any being, even if it's just a matter of lip service.


Leyla is generally unwilling to speak of her background, or how she came upon her unusual magical power.


Leyla has mentioned an affiliation with an entity known as "The Mistress"; she seems to perhaps be a fellow Intimancer, though Leyla regards her with great caution.


None of note.


None of note.


Leyla is a high-level combatant whose versatility, well-balanced abilities and control techniques make her a dangerous foe.


Leyla has a unique fighting style based around her bizarre weapon, switching between close and ranged combat and keeping her opponent constantly off-guard. With her chainblade in whip-form, she can perform manoeuvres such as tripping and throwing, ensuring she can control the fight.


Leyla is a cautious, clever and well-rounded fighter, whose versatility leaves few holes that can be exploited. Also, as long as she's around other people, she is almost unnaturally energetic and difficult to tire out. Few people can keep up with her.

Leyla is a magic-user, though strangely she doesn't seem to be allied with any element or goddess; she draws her powers from the desire (both emotional and physical) radiated by herself and those around her, though desire which she does not identify with or reciprocate is mostly worthless. She can use her magic to achieve a variety of effects relating to emotion and physical transformation - primarily, she can enhance her own abilities and lower those of her opponent, as well as making more "cosmetic" alterations (such as changing something's size, gender, apparent race, and so forth).

Leyla's powers are amplified when she's surrounded by strong desire, depending on the nature of the parties involved. For example, a shy one-sided romantic attraction is low-powered but still useful; a long-term couple is stronger and more reliable, as long as the romantic flame hasn't gone dull. An antagonistic "slap slap kiss" relationship is extremely powerful, though it is also unreliable. In any case, Leyla is weaker when she's alone - even a vague emotional link is better than nothing.

She also has an uncanny ability to read people - possibly due to her powers, but probably due to having a lot of experience with people and a firm grasp of psychology - and it's very difficult to hide desire from her, especially when it comes to romance.

Weaknesses and Limitations

If anything, Leyla's disadvantage is that she is too generalised; prepared to deal with any situation, she has little specialisation to exercise when she doesn't need to adapt. Also, she is at a bit of a disadvantage when she's fighting alone.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

Obviously, Leyla is sailing close to the line of what's permissible in a group story. As her player, I feel I should note that in roleplay situations - i.e., where younger people might be present - it's easy enough to keep it in her pants, as it were. Sexuality is important to her, but it's not the total of her character, and her powers come more from affection and romance than an actual sex. In short, she can still contribute plenty even under a PG rating.

Sorry if you think Leyla's too adult for Zelda, but people have sexual identities, and therefore my characters do too. I know she's not typical G-rated Zelda fare, but that's sort of the point. If you don't think sexuality has a place in Zelda, please don't make a big deal out of it; there's no need to fight.

Aklthough Leyla is fairly "pansexual" - she's not against any gender, race, colour, or similar factor - she is a woman of high standards. Primarily, she likes people who are pretty, open-minded and submissive, and who defy traditional gender roles - since her extreme dominant streak means she's only really compatible with more submissive types, this means she has a definite a lean toward insecure boys in her own relationships. She's also attracted to people with a great many character flaws or quirks; essentially, people who are "interesting".


  • Leyla's theme songs are Ghostriders - Captain Tractor and The Red Strokes by Garth Brooks.
  • In an ideal world, Leyla would be voiced by Neya Michiko, for her sexy older-woman action girls like Miss Deep (Read or Die) and Melissa Mao (Full Metal Panic).
  • Leyla's name is a real name, obviously. Leyla had no name for ages - we just called her "the Erotimancer" - until I commissioned a picture of her and needed to give a name ^^; This one is an Arabic name meaning "dark beauty", which was too perfect to pass up ^^
  • Leyla's name is pronounced: Ley as in ley line, la as in larder. Stress the "ley".
  • Leyla's title/tagline is a reference to her theme song, obviously. Leyla draws her power from passion, so the song follows fairly naturally.
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