Lock "Red Shock"

Full name: Lock Rhonia
Creator: Melzor
Alias: "Red Shock"
Age: 18 at start, 22 currently
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 127 lbs
Occupation: Bounty hunter/Mercenary
Weapon(s): Wave blade x2

Tanned, not dark, with multiple visible scars. Most noticeable scar across the bridge of her nose. Her hair is jet black except for a red splash of hair in her bangs (It's said to be from the blood of her enemies, but it's really just average hair dye.) Her eyes are a medium green, but bright and clearly noticeable.

Her clothing is mostly red, that being her favorite color, with some black. She wears a red sleeveless turtle-neck tunic with black tights, red thigh-highs, black boots, and black "sleeves" that run from her upper arm to her fingers, half covering only the middle and ring finger of each hand. She wears un-chained shackles on her wrists as bracelets and metal bands at the top of the arm sleeves. She also wears three belts over her tunic, two being plain black placed at her waist and chest and the third being a decorative belt with the symbol of the Triforce of courage, announcing her following of the way or the goddess Farore (which in her mind means taking like by the horns and running with it, don't worry about the later, live in the now, and fear nothing in life)

Lock is not a very likable person to most people. She's very loud and blunt, to the point of rude and obnoxious. She likes to say what's on her mind, no matter who it offends, and she never lies. She's rather arrogant, mostly about her skills as a hunter. Her temper is never really predictable, some days she's vicious, other days she's way too mellow. Most of the time she's just a pain in the rear.

She loves to drink, a lot. Sometimes it gets her into more trouble than she's looking for, but sh doesn't care. And though her views on things of moral living may be skewed (even non-existent) she still basically fights for what it morally right. With her, what's right always comes first, though throw a pile of rupees in front of her and the choice gets a bit tougher, depending on how big said pile is.

She's completely loyal to her close friends, though. She'll never sell them out and would rather die than have them harmed because of money. She likes to pick on her friends a lot, but it just means that she thinks their awesome.

Lock tends to hold up a fearless attitude. Nothing scares her, or at least, nothing that anyone knows of. Things can surprise her, but nothing seems to actually scare her. Whether it's a wolfo chewing of her foot or a 50 foot dark evil beast with mouths for eyes, she won't cower in a corner. She'll run away out of necessity, but never fear.

Lock Rhonia was born in Kakariko village in the Twilight Princess era, but about the time when the land was being cast into pieces of the twilight realm, Lock had just recently run away from home. Her mother had died when she was three years old, and being raised by an overprotective father was too much for her to handle. When he said that he had decided to have her marry one of her childhood friends, she thought it was unfair that she had no say in the matter, and ran away. During the first few months after she ran away was when the events of Twilight Princess happened. She never really knew what was going on but she stayed clear of the shadowed areas until they were clear again. She wandered around, mostly on her own, but moving from place to place, sometimes getting a helping hand here and there. After about a year, she ran into one person in particular by the name of Viscen. He was the founder of the mercenaries guild, but mostly did work as a headhunter. Lock was inspired by him and grew to love the bounty hunter life. It took a lot of work and training, but after another two years she was able to hunt on her own. She had surpassed her mentor in speed and agility (which knowing Viscen, is not actually that hard when you look at him, but that's not the point) and was one of the fastest and most agile people in the entire guild. But back then, here heart was still soft, even when she has taken a few kills herself. At the age of 16, she was betrayed by the one person she trusted most, her mentor Viscen. He betrayed her and all of the mercenaries guild, and when she tried to stop it, Viscen stopped her, digging a reminder of how powerful he still was compared to her into her face with a knife (Thus the scar across her cheeks and nose) He then tossed her to her death in the chasm between Hyrule and the Gerudo Desert. For months she barely scraped by, fighting off desert beasts (like leevers and stalchilds, which pretty much helped with killing her fear of them) and after a land slide, was able to climb her way out of the chasm and into the Gerudo desert, then back into Hyrule later (it took at least another week to figure out how to get across without falling back in)

After getting back to Hyrule, Lock had become fearless. Anything that she could easily see in the light of day was never a problem, and even things in the dark didn't bother anymore (night time in a deep hole really isn't much fun at all) She returned to being a headhunter, though the guild had all but been disbanded. Only those still completely devoted to the idea of unity among themselves stayed, and they were only the ones that couldn't be killed (the experienced or well-adapted ones) Coming back to the guild only strengthened her resolve to get her vengeance on Viscen, no matter the cost. Even so, Viscen was a rather hard person to find. He had become head of what was becoming known as the thieves guild, forming an organized crime group. Lock still worked in headhunting, chasing lesser criminals, hoping to get information on Viscen. Eventually her deeds became more well known, and she became the "Red Shock" by the time she was almost 18 years old. Wanting to be known as someone to fear (mostly on the chance that Viscen would catch wind of it) She started hunting as the "Red Shock", even dying part of her hair the color of bright blood, to add to her usual red clothing. Her name had become big among criminals, though most misinterpreted her to be either a massive beast man, a psycho killer who likes to play with his victims before killing them, or some kind of vigilante trying to clean the streets of evil. All of which were wrong, and she seethed and growled whenever people would get it wrong, the biggest issue being that people never believed that Red Shock was a woman.

Eventually she returned home to her father, not having seen him in about 7 or 8 years, after he had given up on the thought of her still being alive. She met up with her childhood friend again, Taman, who has grown into a man, and caught her eye. They eventually hooked up, though they never married, and would someday have a child together.

Now she still does what she's always done, hunting for money and keeping an eye out for her chance to get back at Viscen for all he's done.

Fun facts: Lock is only "fearless" because she's determined to face her fears head on and not turn away. She may have an iron will, but she technically isn't fearless. Leevers and stalchilds are the two beasts that actually scare her the most, from some childhood experiences. She's also afraid of commitment, which is why she never got married to Taman, she'd eventually stay with him after the birth of their son, which grows into wanting to be together, but they still never marry.

Her favorite food is fish. She just likes fish in general. She hates crab, though, won't go near it. She's not allergic, she just hates the taste.

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