Name: Maddison "Hawkeye" Lorell aka "Maddie"
Creator: Melzor
Race: Sheikah
Age: 24
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 128 lbs
Occupation: Sharpshooter/Mercenary
Weapon(s): Composite bow and crossbow

Likes: Pirates, ale, fighting, shooting, fighting, swearing, making fun of friends, fighting, pork

Dislikes: Self-righteous people, knights, milk, keese, know-it-all people

Maddie is a fairly petite woman, but has a look about her that says she can still kill if she wanted to.

Maddie was born a full blooded Sheikah from a protector clan aligned with Hyrule. She never had a chance to grow up in her clan after her village was attacked by a rogue clan when she was a baby. Her parents were killed in the battle and she was found by a girl who was too young to care for her on her own. They found help in Hyrule, and the girl gave the child to a family that would take care of her. The girl stayed for a while, but left for reasons unknown.

Maddie grew up in Hyrule castle town and even became acquainted with the two Sheikah protecting the royal family, and feeling a need to help those of their own, the Sheikah taught her a little of what they knew. She grew up as a baker's daughter, but she found the life to be too boring for her. A body guard for the royals didn't seem to interest her either. She ran off many times and got into trouble, usually ending in someone with a broken and bloody face. Eventually, Maddie stopped coming home all together and just stayed away. That's when she ran into the mercenary's guild.

Viscen took her in, just about the same time he took in Lock ( Lock "Red Shock" ). She and Lock became fast friends, and both were devastated when Viscen betrayed the guild. Unlike Lock, however, Maddie stayed with the broken guild and attempted to raise it back up to its former glory. She stayed friends with the stronger guild members, like Merik and Dreven, who kept the guild alive, but with few members, the guild started accepting just about anyone who could prove they could survive a fistfight without crying to their mothers. Maddie usually took on the initiation tests, mostly because there HAD to be someone to beat up, else she start thinking of the old guild and how great it was. There were both good and bad members to come out of it. Anyone who was too weak died within their first couple missions, and Maddie learned to not become attached to any new members real quick.

Later, a rather curious member came along by the name of Shaaga. Everything about him was shrouded in mystery, no one even knew if Shaaga was his real name. All they knew was he was a rogue Sheikah, and that the only people who ever got to see his face were his marks just before they died. Maddie make quick enemies of Shaaga in her mind, but always acted the same. She was there to do what she had to do, and Shaaga was there to collect rupees. The only time she would ever complain was if he took her mark, usually by killing them, unless it was worth more to keep them alive. Maddie believed in the old code of the guild, no one takes a mark that's been claimed. Shaaga just wanted whatever money he could get his hands on. This rivalry still continues even now.

Maddie and Lock met up again a few years after Lock left, and it had been as if nothing had changed.

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