Player: Hyperionwitch
Personal Data
Full Name: N/A
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Hazel
Skin Tone: Heavily tanned (where not usually covered with clothing), very scarred, and somewhat sunburned.
Biographical Data
Occupation: Mercenary/Recluse
Affiliations: Mercenary's Guild
Residence: Gerudo Desert (though she is often found traveling)
Birthplace: Kakariko Village
Marital Status: Unmarried, but attached
Known Relatives: Mother (out of contact for 8 years)
Father's broadsword, Ordon-made knife
Survival skills, straightforward battle "tactics"
Pack containing tent and other living accoutrements (only carried when travelling for long periods of time), some pouches for food and other items, a waterskin
No additional notes available.

Marrilyn is an extremely terse and antisocial warrior residing in the Gerudo Desert. She prefers solitude due to a somewhat turbulent situation in her past, but she is often found traveling around in populated areas, taking care of jobs for the Mercenary's Guild.


Marrilyn is built like a streamlined tank with curves—though said curves are frequently hidden beneath many layers of clothing. She is somewhat tall, muscular, and angular in facial features and general movement. She is darkly tanned where her clothing does not cover her, and her skin is rough from desert wind and frequent sunburn. Her dark red hair is lightened at the tips from exposure to sun, and it is as tangled and unwashed as the day is long. She has terrible posture, with a slight slouch and a mannish walk, and while it is very obvious she is a lady, little about her evokes a sense of the feminine.

Distinguishing Features

A boatload of scars—most are hidden by clothing, but one of her more distinctive scars runs from near her right ear to beneath her chin. When visible, these stand out very light against her dark skin. She also has persistent, dark circles beneath her eyes at all times due to a chronic lack of sleep.

Preferred Clothing

Heavy, rough, earth-toned clothing. She typically wears a loose, buttoned shirt with some patterning, a heavy skirt, and a woolen coat as a base. On top of this, she has a belt and several wraps, a thick piece of decorated cloth that serves to protect her leg from her scabbard, and a wrinkled neck wrap. She also tends to wear stockings, thick-soled boots, and boot covers. The reason for such heavy, layered clothing when she mostly lives in the desert is that it keeps sand out and acts as a form of light-weight armor.


Marrilyn is not a terribly personable individual. She tends to be coarse, rude, tactless, and brutally honest. She is not fond of most people and instead keeps to herself as much as she can (which, since she's had to spend more time in cities lately, is not very often). She rarely smiles, even when she finds something amusing, and what she finds amusing is usually some form of schadenfreude. She enjoys fighting, but she will do it as efficiently as possible, more out of habit than anything else.

She grew up in Kakariko Village, mostly idolizing her father's exploits as he traveled across the land and fought to keep Hyrule safe, so she never quite managed to get the whole “being girly” thing learned, especially since she didn't really like her mother and hardly ever listened to what she had to say or teach (including manners). She isn't very good at socialization, since she didn't hang out with many kids as a child, and quite frankly she has no desire to learn these skills now that she's an adult.

It's very difficult to get on Marrilyn's good side, as she tends to believe that no one is a good person and therefore they're not worth her time. Unless she is very comfortable around someone, and it's rather tough to get her to be comfortable, she will speak in short, choppy sentences that express her unforgivingly honest opinion in as few words as possible. Her most frequent expression is a scowl or a flat stare, only adding to her already pleasant demeanor.


Honesty, openness, fighting, freedom, being on her own


Deception, betrayal, socializing, expectations


Marrilyn detests people who aren't honest. She had a terrible experience with a man who broke her heart by being dishonest when she was still young and naïve, and it left a strong impression on her. This is why she behaves so bluntly, as well. She may not like people, but she doesn't think anyone deserves dishonesty, even from her.

Some of her reluctance to be close to people comes from her fear that she'll be betrayed again, and considering how much that hurt her, she has no interest in having it happen again. This contributes to why her honesty is even more harsh than it needs to be—most people are turned off by this sort of behavior.

Deep down, she is a good person. Really! She has a weird, tiny nagging of chivalry if she sees someone in trouble, and will reluctantly go help them most of the time. However, she would absolutely never admit to this, because she makes a point of proving that she doesn't like most people and she has no interest in doing anything for them unless she's paid for it. Therefore, she usually follows unusually kind assistance by saying something scathing.

She hardly ever sleeps. She does, of course, or else she'd be in terrible shape, but she does so in short bursts throughout the day, rather than just one longer session at night. She claims this is more efficient, but it may also have to do with the fact that she's one of those people who gets slightly unsettling dreams, and she doesn't like dealing with that if she can help it.

She never combs her hair. She has a comb, of course, she just thinks it's a waste of time. She also rarely showers, but she has the advantage of spending so much time outside that her multiple layers of clothing smell so much like grass, dirt, dust, and sand that they mask whatever odor she might emit (at least to people without amazing olfactory senses).

She really dislikes being given advice. She'll usually listen if someone gives it, but she's too determined to “make it on her own” to take someone else's experiences to heart. She has therefore learned a lot of hard lessons.

She swears a lot. It can be a problematic habit.


Marrilyn grew up in Kakariko Village, restless all the while. There were few people who passed through the town, but those that visited talked about the rest of Hyrule, and it sounded far more interesting than her boring little hometown. So one day, shortly after turning 17, she picked up her father's sword and set out before her family could say anything else.

She was not out in the world long before she realized that her father's sword was going to be more useful than she initially expected. Hyrule was teeming with creatures—living skeletons, flying plants, malicious octopi, anything her imagination could have made up—and all of these seemed to want to maim, kill, and possibly eat any travelers passing along the roads. Fortunately, Marrilyn picked up swordplay relatively quickly, and she found herself swinging her father's unwieldy sword with more and more ease as she grew older.

By the time she was 20, she had found a place to settle down, so to speak. The western part of Hyrule had always interested her. Lake Hylia was beautiful (though she hardly ever told anyone she thought so), and the desert beyond it was just mysterious and dangerous enough for her liking. She decided she would stay in the desert as much as she could—there was plenty to attack her out there, and she had taken a liking to fighting by this point. It was something she seemed to excel at, and for a young woman whose talents were limited to glaring and being brutally honest, a more useful and practical talent appealed to her. On top of that, there were almost no people in the desert, and the more time she spent around people, the more she found herself disliking them. She spent the next eight years traveling between the desert and, occasionally, civilization for supplies before she finally decided that it may be wise to put her fighting talents to good use by working as a mercenary (food was expensive and she could get paid for violence, basically). She still vowed to spend plenty of time in the desert, but she also started coming back to more populated areas more frequently, traveling from town to town and looking for mercenary work.


Mercenary's Guild


  • Rolan - One of the few people with whom Marrilyn interacts regularly, she and Rolan are in some semblance of a relationship. She considers it unsteady, but in actuality it is fairly solid and relatively healthy. What a surprise.




Marrilyn is a fierce fighter, though somewhat careless.


Using a heavy broadsword taken from her deceased father, Marrilyn favors a straightforward approach to fighting. She runs in without any sort of strategy and survives usually by the skin of her teeth (and frequently with considerable damage to her person). She does very little defending, though she isn't an idiot and will retreat or at least block if things look particularly dire or dangerous. Her blows are heavy and come in long, swinging arcs, as it is difficult to shift directions mid-attack.


Extremely powerful blows combine with a ferocious tenacity to make a very vicious sort of fighter. What she lacks in speed, she makes up for in power, so when she can land a blow that is not blocked, it can be devastating if not fatal.

Weaknesses and Limitations

She is extremely slow in battle. While she can run quite easily in all her clothing, she is by no means quick or agile and tends to take the brunt of damage from attacks. She also does not wear much armor, which means she can easily become wounded by a strong blow, and her lack of strategic ability often leads her into heavy combat from which she cannot easily emerge victorious.


None in particular.

Other Notes

None at the moment.

Roleplay Notes

  • Though she's part of the Mercenary's Guild, I don't imagine Mar has spent much time socializing with other members, so it's very likely she doesn't know anyone else in the Guild beyond a passing glance once upon a time.


None at the moment.

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