Name: Matlalzoatl du Tenoch
Race: Ikana (Gibdos knight)
Age: Pretty darn old
Height: Six three
Occupation: Former Ikana warrior
Weapons: Ikanan guard sword, sling
Special skill: Excellent hearing
Items: Ikana shield, flute

Quirks: Adores playing potshot at the Garo in the canyon, keeping careful tally of the hits he and his targets make. Every now and then he'll advise adventurers to turn around, but if they attack him, he will fight back and usually triumph with their death. He does like to pass on tips to young fighters.

Matlalzoatl is a very morose kind of guy, rain-cloud-covered and pessimistic. He always seems down and others would think nothing in the world pleases him. In fact he enjoys taking potshots at Garo in the area with his sling, and playing his flute for fellow Ikana undead. Most of his attitude stems from his death and resurrection by his superiors, and the subsequent royal screw-up induced by their loyalty experiments; as one of the first test subjects, his remaining loyalty to Ikana is in name only, and no longer applicable with the end of the war.

Matlalzoatl's only sin per se was to be born and raised in time to get stuck in the general hailstorm that followed the attempts to foil the Stone Tower plans. One of the earlier loyalty tests, he rose after his death in a Garo ambush peeved at the Garo responsible and still loyal to his superiors only insofar as the war wasn't over. After the final, failed strike by the Garo that eliminated the remaining living souls in the canyon he gave his superiors the finger and set to wandering about where his old village had been, searching for his wife. Since then he wanders the canyon following his whims and harassing the Garo he comes across.

Player: Winna/Asraniel

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