Mercenaries Guild

The Mercenaries Guild was originally created as a place where those with special skills and talents could come together under a similar purpose and work the jobs that no one else will. From vigilante work to assassination, escort missions to treasure hunting, and even an occasional mundane task like playing bodyguard to some fat cat noble at a local get together just to look cool. If you want a job and have the skill, the mercs will set you up for a small piece of the pay in return.


The Mercenaries' Guild has taken over a run-down tavern at the extreme southwest corner of town that boasts a small exercise yard and stables.

Guild Structure

The current head of the merc's guild is the ever industrious Maddison "Hawkeye" Lorell, with help from fellow founders Merik and Bika. Being wary of people like the previous guild master, Viscen, the guild will only keep giving work to people who prove themselves both capable and loyal. An initial mission, usually overseen by one of the founders or long time members and a probationary period after that serve as the test for prospective members.

The Mercenaries Guild will take many kinds of jobs, but the most important deal in just about anything the ordinary person can't or won't do. The majority of the guild works legally, not wanting to draw attention from the guard, but there are the occasional jobs that require the forced and permanent removal of certain people, usually nobles that won't be missed in Hyrule and/or its surrounding countries.

Each job is negotiated with the employer directly. The only time the guild members will take indirect contact with a contractor is if it pays a VERY considerable amount of money and is brought to the founders' attention. Often times there will be no preference as to who will go, and if the mercs don't mind splitting the cash, they'll team up for a better success rate. Occasionally there is the lone wolf or the employer requests a specific merc to do the job. Either way, the guild gets a small cut for providing the job and information and the mercs involved take the rest.


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