Merik "Sharkbomb"

Name: Merik, the "Sharkbomb"
Creator: Melzor
Race: Zora
Age: 23
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 187 lbs
Occupation: Bomb maker/ Mercenary/ patrol man

Timeline: Twilight Princess

Likes: Swimming, shiny things, treasure hunting, water (especially salt water, he likes the smell of the open sea, even though he's freshwater born), picking on Maddison, salmon, shellfish, green, bottles, intelligent female Zoras

Dislikes: Pirates, like-likes, skeleton fish, beavers (darn them!), peahats

Merik is mostly like a typical Zora aside from the fin on the top of his head and the color of his skin. His skin is a brown/tan color with some white, much like a tiger shark, and has stripes on his head and sides. His appearance is more like the Zora of his time, but his eyes are completely pitch black like the Zoras of Ocarina of Time. He wears skin tight black diving shorts only out of respect to townspeople so that he doesn't appear naked and offend anyone. His head fins are pierced at the end with fishbone rings. He also wears goggles around his neck to protect his eyes when dealing with different tools and supplies for making bombs.

Merik was never really any different than any other Zora. He was born into a family of nine children, three of which never made it passed the tadpole age. Of the other six, four left to live in the oceans and seas, with only Merik and one of his sisters still living in Hyrule. His parents lived in the Zora river and lake Hylia, and though he didn't mind it too much, he was becoming bored with an average Zora life. Whenever the chance came to get to some real action, Merik took it. Whether it was traversing the depths of the waters for treasure or protecting his waters from pirates and beasts. He had most fun creating traps and security systems to keep anything unwanted out, or later on, to keep them trapped. He became fond of explosions especially, and when technology started emerging that would allow bombs to be used under water, he used and experimented with them, perfecting all kinds of explosives to use to fit his needs. He studied the art of explosives in his free time, small charges, big ones, exactly how much damage could one bomb do. There was always somewhere to test it, the waters in and around Hyrule are wide and deep enough for it. After a while, he grew bored with just the same old thing again. There was much more to the world than just the waters, and many a Zora has made a living on the land, why couldn't he? He eventually found his way to the life of a mercenary, though why he chose this profession is still a mystery (as in, I have no idea yet XD )

He only ever met the guild master Viscen once before the guild was left to rot, and even so, he still holds a deep seeded hate for the man.

Currently he hangs around Maddison, which more than half the time is very bad for his health. He likes to take on missions that can use his special skills, especially in water and if it deals with taking out pirates.

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