Name: Mikalla
Creator: Melzor
Age: 27
Race: Southern Jungle Tribe
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 193 lbs
OoT era: Warrior commander
RP era: Member of the Unified

Weapon(s): Spear, various objects
Skills: Tiger-like reflexes & stealth, knowledge of survival skills and combat.

Likes: Hunting, fishing, swimming, training, exercise, teaching, dancing, drums, flute (like Native American flutes)

Dislikes: Laziness, cowardice, egotistical people, cheaters, dark magic

Appearance: Mikalla is a dark skinned woman with well tones muscles. Her hair is a light brown, lighter than her skin, possibly dirty blonde (mostly in the summer) Her hair has never so much as seen a hairbrush, and is twisted up into dreadlocks. She has blue eyes, which is a sight to see on someone with her complexion. She's very curvy and athletic (her people are based off of the idea of the "barbaric" Amazons combined with a little bit of what a man's fantasy of a Brazilian woman should look like XD) She has facial tattoos above and below her eyes, more around her left eye than the right, and has a series of lines and dots on her right arm and left leg. She also has the traditional right of passage tiger paw tattoo near her left hip on her lower stomach.

Mikalla wears only what clothing is necessary, and in the hot jungle, it's not much. She wears a top that's like a tube top made of animal skin with a rope holding it up around her neck, and a long piece of cloth wrapped around her mid-section in a way that twisting it creates a simple skirt. She wears on anklet on her right leg and one bracelet on her left arm.

In both timelines, Mikalla was known as the strongest warrior in her village, and best friend to the lady cheiftain, even as children. Her childhood wasn't any different than any of the other girls of her village (which is made up of all women, with the male village about three miles away) And was trained to hunt, fight, and forage just like any other. The only difference between the others and Mikalla is that she always wanted to take it a step further, training harder than others, more than others, sometimes risking her life for the sake of her training. She had always been one of strong will and heart, and wanted to be the best she possibly could. That being said, she did get many girls who were jealous of her, some thought that SHE thought she was better than them, but all she ever did was push herself to her limits.

Growing up, she was usually the first in everything. The right of passage for the warrior women wasn't easily won, but she was the fastest through the trial of the falls, the one to catch the most game in the first youth group hunt (in her generation) the champion of her first battle competition and the one more sought after by the male village for her strength and determination. Because of her amazing record, she was allowed to spend a lot of time around the chief family, and around the heir to the chiefs "crown" in a way, becoming like sisters as they spent more time together.

At about 16 years old, Mikalla was married to a man from the brother village and had a son. Soon afterward, however, the villages were attacked by magic wielders, something they never thought they'd have to face out there in the jungles. There were few who knew any magics. The local healer knew of it, as did some others who traveled far out into the world before, but none ever imagined this would happen. Mikalla's husband was killed by a wizrobe, as were many others from the two villages. Mikalla believes that it was by the grace of the goddesses that their villages survived, though they only had about a third of their people left, and half of that where severely injured or crippled.

Mikalla, though a headstrong woman, was still compassionate, but after the death of her husband, had let her heart go cold for everyone but her own son. She wanted her son to be strong like his father and grow up to be a good man. ears went by, and she eased up a little but, but she was still never the same.

In the TP timeline, she met the Unified, a group of people who protected the balance of light and dark in the world. It's the same basic story, only she fell in love with the leader of the unified and joined his group. Knowing that her son was old enough to hold his own (12 years old) she left the jungles and moved into Hyrule in the north. It took some time before she became even remotely used to the atmosphere of being indoors (and the clothing), and still isn't completely used to it.

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