Second in command, Naharl is the second youngest and one of the cleverest of the Zalmunna. He takes his station as an aspect of chaos very seriously, ensuring that he keeps mortals and shadows alike caught in a never-ending stew of intrigue. He serves an excellent counterpart to his sister Stygia, demonstrating the violence and upset words may cause. His powers of persuasion are legendary and he uses them to great effect in toying with people, shadowbeasts and even other Zalmunna. Called the Shadow Fox, he will always do whatever it takes to get his way.

Other Names The Fox
Status Zalmunna
Sphere Information, misinformation; communications.
Ethos Knowledge is power, but information is control; control the information to control the events.
Worshippers Spies, infiltrators, rulers, propagandists
Symbol Rolled scroll




Naharl operates from a grand Citadel within the canyons of the Shadowland wastes. There he reigns over his servants with grand pageantry, delighting in provoking and fueling their schemes and ploys. It serves as a training ground for those he sends into the courts and kingdoms of the Light World to sow discord and chaos. While any may take Naharl's colors, it takes a special, treacherous kind to make it far within his ranks. There is also a tradition within the Citadel, spurred by the Fox himself in an era past, where promising and even unpromising mortals are taken to the Citadel. All succumb to shadow sickness and die, but those who survive politically are turned into shadows at the moment of their death to serve the Fox.

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