Player: Hyperionwitch
Personal Data
Full Name: Niccele
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 201 lbs
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Tone: Relatively pale with a multitude of freckles
Biographical Data
Occupation: Shopkeep/Thief
Affiliations: Thieves Guild
Residence: Castle Town
Birthplace: Kakariko Village
Marital Status: Unmarried, but attached
Known Relatives: Mother, father, two younger brothers, younger sister
Her fists
Thick skin, high pain tolerance, decent at haggling
Small pack containing money, belonging, bandages
No additional notes available.

Nick is a shopkeep who moonlights as a thief. Living in Castle Town with her partner and girlfriend, Zahira, Nick is a friendly individual who usually passes for the husband of a well-off clothier. When not at home, she can be easily found at any of a number of local taverns where she has a habit of getting in rowdy fights.


If one was not informed, one could easily mistake Nick for a man. In fact, this happens more often than not. Stout and muscular, Nick wears her dark hair short and dresses in fairly mannish clothing, with her rather substantial bosom securely flattened by bandages. Her heavily freckled skin is rough and calloused from years of bar fighting, and her hands and arms are covered in minute scarring. With a casual, loping stride and a nonchalant sort of posture, Nick is, for all intensive purposes, a friendly and approachable man who might like to play on the rough side.

Distinguishing Features

While it is not usually visible to anyone but Zahira, Nick has a large tattoo down her left side, situated on her ribs. It depicts one of Din's symbols surrounded by smooth designs. Zahira designed it for her, and it represents her appreciation of power (particularly in physical form).

Preferred Clothing

As already mentioned, Nick basically dresses as a man. She prefers calf-length green trousers, a black, collared button-up with rolled up sleeves, and a tan vest. She also wears sturdy ankle boots, bandages on her legs and arms, and a small belt and pouch. Notably, she also wears a long gold necklace that hides in her shirt and a pair of small gold hoops, the only hint that she might, in fact, be a woman.


A friendly woman who is found joking with people more often than not, Nick is a pretty kind woman—and by pretty kind, I mean extremely kind. She's always out to make friends, and she loves conversing with strangers—almost to the point where she becomes toopersistent in trying to make small talk. However, while she may not be the keenest when it comes to detecting social cues, she is always very quick to apologize if she unsettles someone. She strives to be polite in most situations, despite her unshakably casual attitude.

A girl from a small, slightly impoverished family in Kakariko Village, Nick came from humble beginnings and maintains a similarly humble mindset. She may be a thief, but she tries to be frugal with purchases for herself, as she is happy to subsist on very little. Nick is surprisingly chivalrous, as well, thanks to spending much of her childhood looking after less capable kids in her neighborhood. If someone is in clear need, she will jump to their defense. Whether this means physically defending someone from bullying or providing other forms of assistance (money, food, etc.) makes little difference to her. She looks out for herself, her family, and her friends, but when she is not in need she tries to be as generous as she can be.

All that said, she does have a tendency to seek pleasure in slightly risky places. She admittedly loves brawling and winds up leaving bars with nasty bruises more often than not, and though she mostly does her thieving for money-making purposes, she admittedly enjoys the thrill of it all. She doesn't have much of a temper, but she has a pretty dualistic view of things—either she gets along with someone in a peaceful situation, or things get messy and she defaults to violence. She may not like hurting those who aren't deserving, but she's happy to take down anyone who's enough of a jerk to earn a meeting with her fists.


Brawling, Zahira, successful heists, alcohol, a good time


Serious threats to her family or Zahira, manipulation


Nick has a habit of making up scores of nicknames for people. Strangers or new acquaintances usually get at least one, and people close to her usually get a few extra names.

She is very firmly an optimist. She doesn't deal much in sarcasm, her humor is usually pretty upbeat (and bawdy, in situations where it is not uncalled for), and she is hard to put in a bad mood.

Nick is rather set in her ways. She doesn't mind traveling, different thieving jobs, or changes occurring around her (which is good, considering Zahira's tendencies), but she habitually sticks to the same kinds of clothing, foods, etc. She likes visiting the same places, having a house, and generally being able to have a set way about her.

She has a tattoo on her left side that was designed by Zahira as a stylized version of Din's symbol (Nick values power, thanks to her tendency toward violence). She designed a matching one for Zahira that was based off of Nayru's symbol, but she insists that her design was clumsy and doesn't really deserve to be used as a real tattoo.

Nick very obviously dresses much like a man would. While she gives a variety of responses when asked for a reason, it mainly boils down to practicality. She used to wear dresses and they always got in the way when she inevitably fought people. She started dressing more boyishly when she realized that skirts and long hair would just slow her down. She eventually got to a point where she started binding her chest to keep herself more streamlined, and when people assumed she was a man, she stopped correcting them. It's never bothered her much, as she'd never had a very girly personality to begin with.

She is affiliated with the Thieves Guild, along with Zahira, but she considers it a loose affiliation. She's happy to have the protection and jobs, but when it comes down it, she considers her partnership with Zahira to be more important where thieving is concerned.


Nick was born in Kakariko Village to a hard working man and his somewhat sickly wife. The oldest to a few siblings, it fell to Nick to help out her father in making money for their family—which she was more than happy to do. As soon as she was able, she started helping out at a local tavern, doing scullery work when she was younger and moving up to barmaid work when she was old enough. Whenever she wasn't working, she was defending her siblings and younger friends from bullies and other obstacles, and even when she was at work, she would snitch trinkets and coins from particularly unpleasant guests to help out her family and friends.

When her other siblings were old enough to help out with the family, Nick felt a bit justified in traveling on her own for a while. By the time she was twenty two, she was tired of barmaid work and ended up getting in bar fights more often than she did real work. She set off on her own, surviving on the thieving skills she had developed in her younger years and picking up menial tasks on the road. It wasn't until she was about twenty four that she returned home to Kakariko and happened to meet and fall in love with a woman named Zahira. The both of them thieves, they eventually decided they would stick together and, after some working and saving, the two of them bought a house and a shop in Castle Town so that they could have a home and a front for their thievery.

She and Zahira have been in Castle Town for about a year and a half, Nick posing as a “husband” and shopkeep for Zahira and her seamstress work. They both still do thieving jobs on the side, but Nick is happy to have a slightly more stable income to go along with the “fun” job.


Thieves Guild


  • Zahira - Both her beloved girlfriend and business partner, both in clothing sales and in thievery. She would do almost anything for Zahira, and she greatly enjoys spending time and working with her.
  • Ainur and Lester - Friends and business allies, Nick enjoys Ainur and Lester's company, happy to work out clothing trades between the two clothiers.
  • Nenet - Nick and Zahira somewhat act as patrons for Nenet, purchasing her unsold jewelry when she comes into town and selling it in their own shop. Nick thinks she is sweet, if timid.




Nick is a brawler at heart, and her fighting style caters to this.


Not one to rely on weapons (since she has very little idea of how to competently use anything more complicated than a knife), Nick relies instead on her well-used fists, using a head on approach to fighting that involves running at an enemy and punching them wherever she thinks it will hurt the most. Years of experience have taught her where the best spots are, but she's happy to adapt if she is incapable of hitting an ideal location. Furthermore, she is fairly tough physically, so she can take a lot of hits without going down. It is a simple strategy but fairly effective in the majority of the fights Nick finds herself in.


Fighting close-range sharply cuts down on ranged attacks (providing there are not multiple opponents), and she is experienced enough to be able to more than hold her own against very tough opponents, especially in a fist fight. She hits hard, using more power than finesse, which is good in rough situations.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Nick isn't exactly a speedy dodger, and weapons trip her up a bit, since she cannot simply weather blows. She also has no real strategy if she can't get in close—she tends to have to run away.


None in particular.

Other Notes

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