Quick summary:

Creator: rueyeet
Race/species: Sheikah, much to his eternal chagrin.
Occupation: Varies
Age: Around 20
Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Red
Skin: Pale
Height: Average for Hylian/Sheikah
Weight: Similarly average


Nonja is proof that blood doesn't always tell. Born into one of the scattered hidden villages of the Sheikah tribe, Nonja could never keep up with the other kids. His combat forms were never quite right, his throwing knives never quite hit their target. He couldn't hide as well as they could, and always gave himself away when shadowing anyone. When it came time for the masters to choose the students they would train, Nonja got the bad news: no one would take him. He left his tribe as soon as he was old enough and never looked back.

Since then Nonja has tried his hand at many things — travelling performer, initerant peddler, carpenter — but so far he doesn't seem to be really good at anything, and has yet to find anywhere that he wants to stay. Nonja still retains the Sheikah teachings of honor and morals, though, so he refuses to stoop to crime or gambling.


Nonja does have the pale hair and red eyes common to his tribe, but that's where the similarity ends. Where most Sheikah are lithe and athletic with silken flowing hair, Nonja is dead average. Average height, average build, average looks, average strength, etc.

In open defiance of his heritage, Nonja has eschewed the traditional form-fitting Sheikah fighting costume. He wears loose, comfortable clothes in bright, garish, and often clashing colors. His hair is an unruly, spiky mop that doesn't reach below his ears.

Nonja has none of the usual Sheikah tattoos or earrings, because he never earned them.


As far as Nonja is concerned, he is not a Sheikah. However, the racial resemblance means that people often mistake him for one, or ask if he is. This constant reminder of his past has given him something of a bad attitude, and he meets such questions with defensiveness and resentment. His wit, such as it is, tends towards the sarcastic side.

At least some of the discipline that all Sheikah begin learning in childhood has stuck with him, so Nonja doesn't overdo the food or the alcohol, and stays reasonably fit. With that said, he doesn't believe in self-deprivation, and likes creature comforts as much as the next fellow.

Nonja's greatest wish in life is to find a place where he belongs and is accepted for who he is, not judged for who he wasn't.


Nonja neither seeks out fights, nor avoids them. But if a fight finds him, he can give a passable accounting of himself.

Even though the training games of his childhood have made him at least a little better at combat than most ordinary folk, Nonja doesn't use any Sheikah techniques. He doesn't want to flaunt how fall short of the Sheikah ideal he falls. Therefore his favorite weapons are usually blunt objects needing little finesse to wield. They're also often improvised — thrown rocks, sticks or pieces of furniture used as clubs, etc.

Nonja's not fast enough to use the usual Sheikah Exploding Deku Nut Getaway trick. Instead, he carries a bag of marbles — perfect for discouraging pursuit on hard ground or paved streets. He's found that the full bag is also good for thwacking people with.

The other weapon Nonja usually carries is a club made by tying two or three Deku Sticks together with scraps of twine. In a pinch, the sticks also come in handy as torches or firewood.

The Rest:

So by now, you're probably wondering, does this guy have ANY redeeming qualities? Well, there might be a few.

Dumb luck: They say that the gods watch over fools, children, drunks, and ships named Enterprise…well, it does seem as if they watch over Nonja as well. Certainly nothing else can explain why he hasn't yet met an untimely end.

Jack of all trades: Because of all the professions Nonja has tried, he knows a little bit about a lot of things—the kind of little bit people usually describe as "just enough to be dangerous."

Non-judgemental: Nonja knows what it's like to live on the wrong end of somebody else's expectations, so he's a very live-and-let-live kind of guy. When he's not being pestered about his origins, he's actually pretty laid back. If someone doesn't bother him, Nonja won't bother them.

Compassionate: Nonja carries a heartfelt sympathy for the underdogs and the downtrodden, and will stand up for them if he can.

Hidden talent: Completely unbeknownst to Nonja, he would actually make a gifted gardener. He's just never settled down long enough yet to find this out…


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