The Untouched
The Untouched
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Nubira
Species: Gerudo
Gender: Very female
Age: Equivalent of about 30
Height: 168cm/5'6"
Weight: 61kg/135lbs
Hair Colour: Pale blonde
Eye Colour: Intense green
Skin Tone: Dark tan, but lighter than most Gerudo
Biographical Data
Occupation: Indira's lackey, spirit mage
Affiliations: The Gerudo Kingdom
Residence: Gerudo Valley
Birthplace: Gerudo Valley
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: Half-sister Sendari
Claws formed from her magic
Spirit magic - mostly self-buffs and creating her ethereal weapons
Hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics, commanding presence.
Lots of jewellery, golden greaves.
Notes: Hates her boss.

Nubira is an angry, angry woman who serves as Princess Indira's right-hand henchwoman. In club RP she generally serves as a villain, though she's not strictly evil; just bad. And full of rage.


Distinctly on the short side, Nubira has a violently curvaceous build and is astonishingly toned beneath her sleek exterior. Her hair is softer and wavier than that of the average Gerudo; she wears it in a high ponytail that still reaches to the small of her back, and a long fringe hangs over her right eye.

Distinguishing Features

Nubira's hair and eye colours are quite unusual for a Gerudo; it's possible they have been affected by her magic, or some other factor. In addition, she has a small leaf/flower-like tattoo on her inner right ankle.

Preferred Clothing

Nubira wears rather sparing Gerudo garb that definitely seems designed to flaunt her amazing figure. Her "shirt" is a sort of black tube-top affair, built on a frame of golden wire with snake-shaped accents, which cups things and keeps them fairly well contained. The wire extends up her right shoulder to grant support, though the construction still seems somewhat dubious overall. She wears very voluminous pants, dark red, which hang loosely from her hips along with orange-gold sashes; these too are anchored to her body by golden bands. At her knee they tuck into tight-fitting golden greaves, integral to Nubira's fighting style. She wears bare feet, though she has a surprising lack of calluses for doing so.

Nubira accessories with gold, and more snake-designs. An elaborate bracelet/armband usually covers her right forearm, and a delicate chain leads from the cuff of her left greave to a ring worn on her toe. She wears small cresent-shaped earrings, and her hair is accentuated by a large gem, a common style amongst the Gerudo; hers is a pale yellow hue, and is complimented by golden leaves.


Nubira's lot is not a happy one. Impatient at the best of times, she has the misfortune to serve a Princess who is fully aware of her ambitions, and takes cruel delight in tormenting her. Worse, she is often saddled with the duty of protecting "Princess Jehana" on diplomatic or military missions, which she views as a profound waste of her time. There's barely a moment when Nubira isn't bitter and rageful, and most of the time she takes it out on those around her. In short, she's a bitch.


Herself, power, winning, being in command/having servants.


Indira, being beholden to somebody else's authority, losing.


Power trips, loves bossing people around, hates taking orders, hates Indira with a burning passion.


Nubira was pledged into the service of "the Devil King" when she was but a child, and spent her youth mastering the ways of spirit magic; her mother was essentially a cultist of the Devil King, who worked with a number of her sisters with the hope of bringing about his resurrection. Nubira accepted this position, but was not content to simply work toward their shared goal - she also wanted her own power, enough to seize the throne of the Gerudo. Unfortunately, Indira saw her coming - after allowing Nubira to get just close enough to be directly under her command, the Princess promptly shut her down. Constantly saddled with demeaning menial tasks - which Indira barely bothers to veil most of the time - Nubira's power-lust is now paired with a very personal grudge.


The Gerudo Kingdom; she is Indira's second-in-command.


Indira, Jehan-Anar.


Indira, Jehan-Anar. She also has a particular, enduring dislike for her outcast half-sister Sendari, whom she considers a worthless halfbreed and an oafish thug.


Nubira is not the greatest combatant Hyrule has ever seen, but she is more than competent. She could probably mix it up with most warriors and have a good chance at winning.


Nubira has a unique, personally-developed fighting style that blends deft acrobatics with powerful magic. Shaping "claws" around her hands with spirit magic, she uses her arms to attack while blocking with her legs, using her greaves to deflect otherwise deadly strikes. Her default stance is poised on one leg, with the other bent at the knee and raised before her, spirit claws ready to strike. She dodges with cartwheels, flips, and any number of other acrobatic feats - her combat could almost be mistaken for a dance, if there was less blood.


Nubira possesses a catlike grace, her flexibility and balance almost inhuman. She is fast and brutal, and is a highly skilled wielder of spirit magic; morover, her fighting style is bizarre to say the least, meaning even veteran fighters might be initially surprised by her techniques. Nubira also has the advantage of being adaptable; although she uses her magic heavily, she can still rely on simple hand-to-hand combat in situations where her arcane powers can be neutralised.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Nubira has a notably foul temper, and can't always stay focused in combat. Her attacks trade power for speed and style, so she has trouble pulling down particularly tough opponents. On the other hand, she herself is not particularly durable, so she needs to avoid blows to stay in the fight.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

"The Devil King" is technically Ganondorf, since Nubira is native to an after-the-end Ocarina timeline. However, I've left it vague so that in case of sans-Ganon setting, it can refer to some sort of villain/demon/evil god, rather than to Ganondorf himself.


  • Nubira's theme song is My Life in the Knife Trade by Boy Sets Fire.
  • Nubira's name was stolen from a Daewoo car, because I though it sounded quintessentially Gerudo (and pretty suggestive). I have no idea what it means.
  • Nubira's name is pronounced: Nu as in gnu, bir as in beer, a as in blah. Stresses on the "bir".
  • Nubira's title/tagline is a reference to her theme song.
  • Nubira's ponytail ornament is deliberately smaller than Indira's but bigger than Jehan's. I can't help but feel it's a status symbol :p
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