Childlike and innocent, the youngest is called the Silver Seer and viewed as a manifestation of the Gift. Certainly the least aggressive of the Zalmunna she is by no means powerless; ancient records recount how Oscuri laid waste to a primordial forest and cursed its dwellers to live as sea creatures. It is rare however for her to be riled so.

Oscuri all but lives within her visions of the possible future which with her naturally docile personality leave her seeming as harmless as a small child. In addition, communication with her is difficult at best as she rarely speaks in a fashion that makes sense to others. She has a very close relationship with her 'elder brother' Abyss, and benefited from a clearer mindset in his presence. After his banishment her seeming dementia only worsened.

Other Names Silver Seer
Status Zalmunna
Sphere Future
Ethos Nothing is certain but that we may meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it.
Worshippers Oracles, fortune tellers
Symbol Bleeding or crying eye




Rarely does anyone take up worship of Oscuri; almost inevitably such a path leads to madness. Shadows who chose to serve her survive hardly more than mortals. The psychological scarring of having to receive visions of parallel versions of the world almost always drives those who would serve her to suicide with the last ounce of sanity they possess. Well established shadows are more likely to survive under her marks; at the least, they live longer. That said, once or twice every era comes a mortal who can successfully navigate the waters of potential futures and are often hailed as prophets.

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