Renegade Clansman
Renegade Clansman
Player: Asraniel
Full Name: Rajivo Juthaid
Species: Juthaid
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 108
Occupation: Maskmaker, Naharlian

Special Skills

Making magical masks; using voodoo dolls to help or hinder people; being wimpy in melee combat.


Jungle voodoo, mostly curse and buff based. Her hexes tend to be subtle and more for lengthy effect than outright power. Examples include upping someone's luck or stamina, weakening a person or causing onsets of light paranoia. If she wants to do something with bang then she has to take a while to prepare it, usually a few days, or use far more power than she usually has at hand. It's rarely worth it.


Components pouch filled with things for her masks and hoodoo; random assortment of masks in varying stages of completion; voodoo dolls; money purse. Satchel.




It's not that Rajivo doesn't have social skills, mostly she doesn't care about using them very much. Irreverent and easily snippy, she has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. She likes to keep moving so that there's constant change in her life, and travels across the lands to ensure it. She usually prefers to go her own way and let things be, but she'll make a contribution if she feels there's something in it for her; increasingly she's made contributions in the effort to bring more people over to her worldviews and squash out optimism and idealism. Rajivo believes people survive to their merits; those who don't didn't deserve to. She can usually smell a deal with devils a mile away and will do her best to stay out of the matter, preferring not to get caught up with higher powers or political webs. She can be very sly to get her way, especially if it means getting out of a bad situation; that doesn't mean it will work, though.

Lately, however she has been softening around the edges and contributing more. While she might deny it until her back is to the wall, she has grown attached to a number of people and has been softening her attitudes and contributing to them more out of concern and less for personal gain. Not much less, but a bit. The collective influences of her peers has begun to bring out certain streaks of loyalty that she would perhaps prefer to keep concealed.


Rajivo was born the seventh child of eight in Tabri's lodge, chief servant to Tenebran amongst the Juthaid clan. Initially her place as second youngest gave her a great deal of leeway as her elders focused on the older siblings. Rajivo would spend much of her time in Aglani's lodge, listening to stories and folklore and speaking with the few brave traders that would seek out the clan. She would also spend much time learning mask-making from her Abyssian cousin. As she grew older she aided in and in one case directly caused the deaths of three of her siblings, actions lauded in clan tradition. More and more she was required to perform duties in accord with family shadow-worship.

When she was fifteen she was arranged to be joined with the Stygian Dakari and transferred to Neburo's lodge. Chafing at the imminent restrictions, sick of serving shadows, and tired of the political intrigue of the clan, Ravijo left home at sixteen with a smith that had stopped through. For the next seven years she traveled with caravans along the trade routes, never returning to Termina. Since then she has traveled a great deal with Haamiah and begun to settle predominantly in Hyrule.

Recent developments have taken her back to Woodfall for a difficult reunion with her family and new duties. Rajivo is currently bound to the Naharlian shadow Menteur in service after a temporary period with Onir. She has also formed attachments in Castletown and took in her late sister's daughter Dawn for a short period.


Rarely misses a tragedy… of most any sort. Gets physically itchy when in the vicinity of charitable acts. Checks for a maker's mark on any mask she can lay hand on.

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