Originally introduced in Ocarina of Time, the Sheikah are a mysterious tribe spoken of as "the shadows of the Hylians". Their symbol, an eye with three lashes and weeping a single tear, is found on the Gossip Stones throughout Hyrule.

Because Nintendo provided so little information about the Sheikah, almost every fan has filled in the gaps with their own interpretation. To allow for the inclusion of Sheikah OCs with potentially inconsistent backgrounds, the Zelda OC Club does not specifically endorse any one interpretation of the Sheikah.

The club's stance is that the Sheikah are not as dead as most of Hyrule believes, and that scattered, secret communities of Sheikah are hidden throughout Hyrule and its neighboring countries.

Origin and History

The origin of the Sheikah is obscured by the mists of time. They were once protectors of the Royal Family of Hyrule, though it was rumored that they were dying out by the time of OoT. The Sheikah were known to have founded the village of Kakariko, which was opened to the other peoples of Hyrule by Impa, one of the Sheikah's greatest leaders. It is said that the tear in the Sheikah symbol comes from an ancient betrayal.

Following Ganondorf's invasion of Hyrule (in certain timelnes), the Princess disguised herself as a Sheikah to escape the clutches of that evil tyrant, and Impa was awakened as the new Sage of Shadow. After Ganondorf's sealing, the Sheikah faded, unseen, into history.


Because the Sheikah are so secretive, it is difficult to pin down racial features. The few confirmed Sheikah seen outside their villages have been noted to have blonde or white hair, pointed ears similar to a Hylian's, and eyes with red irises. However, other colorations could exist.

Abilities and Limitations

As the "shadows of the Hylians", it is quite concievable that the Sheikah would possess some form of shadow magic. It is also possible for a Sheikah, through natural talent and some training, to learn the arts of shadow-melding (merging with the shadow cast by a person or an object) and shadow-walking (going in one shadow and coming out of another).

However, a Sheikah can't reach the realm of the Shadowlands by means of shadow-walking — only the true spirits of shadow can do this.

The powers of the Sheikah are also concerned with illusion and truth, as can be seen by the various artifacts bearing their symbol that remain in Hyrule. The Gossip Stones they left behind continue to listen in their stead, and one who bears the Mask of Truth that the Sheikah created can ask each stone what it has overheard.

Sheikah are also often trained for combat, and seem to favor methods that do not involve head-on confrontation. Though no one living can confirm it, Sheikah are also rumored to be trained in the arts of stealth, spying, and even assassination.

Various clans and organizations of Sheikah may have developed other, unknown, powers as well.

Society and Culture

Again, so few Sheikah have been seen outside their villages that it is difficult to make generalizations about how they live. However, occasional secondhand accounts give the impression that the Sheikah place a high value on discipline and honor, and spend a great deal of their early lives in training.

If there is any coordination among bands of Sheikah towards some greater purpose, outsiders have yet to discover the means, or the reason.


Below are several distinct clans of Sheikah to be found in the club's version of Hyrule.
The White Hand
The Desert Clan
The Ovel Clan
The Salis (Myriad Path)

Notable Characters

Kafei "Dreamwalker"
Celeres Tel
Lucile Tel

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