Basic Stats


Name: Spheira
Current Age: 18
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: ~140 lbs.
Race: Hylian
Birthday: June 30th
Weapon of Choice: Twin Knives
Family: Aita (Mother, deceased), Nathaniel (Father, deceased) and Kamielle (Younger sister)
Timeline: Through OoT and post-game (or the ZOCRP timeline which we have no clue when THAT is.)


Spheira grew up on an orchard farm west of the capital city of Hyrule, at least he lived there until he was eight. At this time, Gannondorf usurped the throne of Hyrule, unleashing monsters upon a land with no hero to save them. As the monsters spread, a pack of moblins found Spheira's family and raided their house, murdering his parents. Spheira barely escaped alive, saving his sister in the process, by using shadow powers which had become active at this moment in time (more on this is below under "Relationships" and "Magic").

After escaping the farm, they fled to Castle Town and lived on the streets like many others who were forced out of their homes by the monsters. Spheira soon became aware that Kamielle, his sister, had become critically ill and would need medical attention as she was coughing up blood and having sweating fevers. Though he managed to get her into the hospital, the problem arose about how he would pay for her bills as this started to look like a long-term residence for his sister. He began stealing small things on his own, and soon was picked up by a theif gang run by Theif Lord Dascon.

Working with them, he was able to make enough to keep his sister in the hopsital, but only barely. After several years, Dascon saw how successful Spheira was at picking pockets and small robberies… this was due to Spheira's shadow magic which he was slowly learning how to use himself. He kept these secret from everyone, however, and only one other person knew of them (see Relationships). After so many successes, Dascon promoted Spheira to home robberies and, soon enough, assassination and road robbery teams. At age 14, Dascon died of unknown circumstances, his Gerudo mistress, Noma, taking lead over the group. In the chaos of this power shift, Spheira saw his chance to leave the gang and did, becoming a freelance assassin in the process in order to make money.

He was fairly well-known in the underground circles, many referring to him as "The Shadow of Death" for his ability to kill someone at such close range without them ever knowing until it was too late (again, shadow magic is heavily attributed to this title, but Spheira kept this secret from everyone). At age 15, Spheira was actually commissioned by Gannondorf… at the price of a "cure" for his sister. He also entered the Myriad Path for the same reason, but was nearly killed in the process and only place 3rd in the tournament.

However, since he had entered the tournament, he failed to kill the target and Gannondorf was eventually defeated by the Hero of Time.
At this point, Spheira searched the dark lord's lair and realized that Ganondorf never really had a true cure for his sister, using the promise of life as a way to bribe him to use his powers for him. Spheira continued to take jobs from willing buyers, meeting many new faces along the way and soon learning the source of his shadow magic (see Relationships). Spheira then competed in the second Myriad path tournament, to help some allies rid the world of the evil that threatens all of their lives, doing so mainly for the safety of his sister. He fell to both Jaella and then to Ophelia, allowing for his disqualification in that tournament.


  • Spheira is not a very intelligent character book-wise. He's incredibly street-smart to make up for the lack of book knowledge.
  • He's been known to be an incredible prankster, though his jokes can get carried away.
  • Though childish, he's compassionate and protective of those he cares about and can say some pretty wise things now and again.
  • He's pretttty clueless. He's almost known for it specifically, not picking up most insults towards him (unless it's a "DUH" insult such as "girl arms" and so on) and also not understanding or zoning out of many intellectual lecture/conversations.
  • He's pretty stubborn, again, to a nearly childish point. He fails at arguments for this reason.
  • It's pretty dang easy to get him flustered or embarrassed, tending to stutter a bit when he does so.
  • Very trustworthy. Once he's your ally, he won't turn against you. If an ally would turn on him, he would refuse to kill them unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.
  • He has a pretty short temper, often getting angy or annoyed by even petty insults. He doesn't get TRULY angry unless it's serious, such as a threat to someone he cares about or so on.


Spheira's pretty dang scrawny for someone his age. This is due to a lack of being able to have a constant food source or a steady meal regiment due to his lack of having an actual home (Spheira hung out in barns and so on for shelter). He currently lives with three people in Castle Town: Dahy (Ziven), Cii (Lucia) and Leon. He also doesn't have too much muscle mass, especially in the arm region (this fact giving him the much endeared nickname "girl arms"). He is lightning quick though, and his reflexes are second to none when it comes down to it. He has two scars on his body that are prominent: The first is on his right shoulder/chest area. He received that when Sendari believed him to be a traitor for his giving of Katiu to the enemy (he had good reason to though and eventually helped her escape). The sword went right through his shoulder and into the wall on the other side. The second scar is not all that visible except in certain lights. It runs across his stomach area and is a souvenir of the first Myriad path tournament when Amos defeated him in combat. He would have died, had it not been for Syba. He is left with a very light scar, though the skin itself is smooth as if it wasn't there. During the second Myriad Path, a pair of shriek gauntlets wielded by Jaella reopened his scar on his shoulder, making it much larger and nasty-looking than it previously was. Later, Ophelia would pierce his flesh on the left part of his chest with her rapier.


Spheira's shadow magic comes from his bond with Abyss— one of the seven ancient Zalmunna, keepers of the balance of shadow and light. The three Goddesses of Hyrule had bound Abyss to the soul of a Hylian when he threw off the balance long ago. They had not accounted that that had been part of Abyss' plan and though he was meant to be bound in his seal forever, there had been a crack in the seal due to some planning on Abyss' part. At the moment Spheira's family was murdered and the moblins had Spheira and Kamielle backed and trapped against the wall of their barn, Abyss was awakened and he cracked the seal enough to take over Spheira's body for mere second, enough time to pull them through the barn wall. After this display of power, Abyss was sent again into a point of stasis, but the crack in the seal allowed Spheira access to shadowmagic, each time he used it, the more the crack widened. With shadow magic, Spheira has the ability to pass through solid objects by phasing his body into the shadow realm via shadows. He can also (though this is after Abyss is awakened the second time, the seal being broken) form solid objects from shadow and make shadows move at will. The reason for his godly speed is also attibuted to shadow magic, using the shadows to propel him forward when needed. he cannot, however, call upon higher magics or use higher leveled shadowmagic without side effects: Speaking Zalmunnan (which is the only language higher-leveled shadow magic can be cat in) makes his throat raw, the longer he uses it, the more pain he will encounter from it- eventually losing his voice for up to weeks and possibly even bleeding in his throat. If he manages to cast it, his skin also suffers badly, bleeding might occur and scarring when it's used for longer periods of time (for this reason, Spheira's hands are pretty calloused and scarred from messing with high-level magic). He doesn't get as fatigued so fast from using his powers as he once did, but if they are used in excess for a lengthy period of time without rest, he will start to pass in and out of conciousness. Furthermore, on his right ear are remnants of a sealing curse set on him at one point that locks his shadow powers. When not active, it appears as a light star-shape. When activated by shadowmagic, it burns black, activated by lightmagic, it glows white. It takes someone of equal or greater power than the caster to lift it.


Spheira has met many other characters over the years and has made friends as well as enemies. There are several characters that he has become very close to though:

  • Kamielle— His sister and his main reason to stay alive as long as possible. He's extrememly protective of her and takes her sickness to be his fault (which it was, after all. Kamielle was a frail child before the moblins invaded, but the shadows were too much for her and she had contracted her illness from passing through the barn wall). She doesn't know what Spheira really does to earn money for the hospital bills, he's been telling her that he is in a performing troupe and he does acrobatics for their plays. Spheira finds a lot of peace when he's with her and visits her often at the hospital, often bringing her flowers or small trinkets and putting on shadow puppet plays for her. She has a relative idea of his magic powers, but doesn't know about Abyss or how much of them he can use. She doesn't remember going through the barn wall, only that she closed her eyes one moment and that they were riding away from the farm on their horse when she opened them again.
  • Abyss— Spheira is essentially joined at the soul to Abyss, due to the seal placed on him by the goddesses. Spheira is fully concious of Abyss' presence and even carries conversations with him, often getting into arguments. This can be rather humrous as, although he's learned to just think to "speak" with Abyss, he has not yet mastered not making expressions while he's doing so. When others happen to witness this… it can be very amusing/confusing depending on whether they have encountered Abyss or not. Although these arguments are frequent, Spheira hold a good respect for Abyss, his advice and words being sensible and rational. He has even grown accostomed to letting Abyss take over either by talking through his mouth or full possession of his body. Though Spheira might not like to admit it, Abyss is usually right and usually does as he suggests unless he's at great conflict with it.
  • Cricket— Cricket (real name is Arnas) was Spheira's only friend when he was part of Dascon's gang. He was also the only one to know of Spheira's shadowmagic. They had become friends after Spheira had been punished brutally by Dascon's men for failing one of his robbery missions and Cricket, seeing Spheira in pain, had gone and used his own magic to heal his broken bones and stop the bleeding and swelling. They soon became and unseperable team for many missions. Cricket was eventually killed during a team assassination, Spheira soon taking revenge for his friend's death by solo'ing on the reattempt for the mission, using his powers to kill at close range for the first time.
  • Ziven— Ziven is Abyss' love and Abyss will often take full possession of Spheira's body to spend time with him. However, Ziven is as much in love with Abyss as he is with Spheira, for various reasons. Because Spheira's soul is so fused with Abyss', his preferences have changed as a person, and he has an infatuation for Ziven though if their souls were seperate, Spheira would not even think twice about it (being he would be straight). Ziven was also the one who took care of Spheira after his sister died in the hospital, Spheira being very close to suicidal when it happened and Abyss having to make sure he didn't kill himself during that time and Ziven helping Spheira to return to his normal state of mind (this happens when Spheira is 21).
  • Isolde— Isolde is one of the people Spheira has known longest. Though they tend to fight a lot, Spheira has a lot of respect for her opinions and thoughts and really sees her as an older sister figure. She's aslo the main object of his pranks, for the most part. She doesn't respect Spheira's use of his shadowmagic for fighting, as Spheira is rather weak without it. She actually sends him through a rigorous training cycle at one point to try to get him to rely on his phsyical strengths more than his magical ones.


  • Spheira stutters when flustered, which happens often.
  • He doesn't like his ears, so he keeps them covererd with his hair. Later he wears it up more often for varying reasons.
  • When his hair is ruffled or messed up, he compulsively fixes it right away.
  • Spheira tries to never get drunk…. this is due to an experience he only refers to as "The Drink". No one knows really what happened.
  • When he IS drunk, he gets very giggly and has no respect for personal space, often talking to the person with his face merely inches from theirs.
  • Spheira can't read or write well. He is worse than most children, in fact. This is due to the fact that his parents had been schooling him before their death, but had been taking their time because it had not been that urgent to teach him early on in his life. His math is also really horrible, his addition even often wrong. He gets by by having others read for him, usually. No character really knows this fact.



  • Relaxing
  • Spending time with his sister
  • Warm days
  • The color blue
  • playing pranks
  • his friends


  • Spicy food
  • most meats (really only eats fish)
  • Seeing those he cares about in pain
  • cold weather
  • feeling helpless
  • being called girly or any variation thereof.


  • He has great speed and agility, his reflexes and battle knowledge being one of his great strengths. He is also quick to think on his feet and improvises rather well if needed. His high stamina is also ver beneficial to him.
  • His shadowmagic is a GREAT benefit to him, allowing him faster travel between points, an escape route at any given time in any given place, greater speed and agility, etc.
  • Because he is able to confer with Abyss, he always has another set of eyes assessing the situation. Abyss is a veritable library of knowlege Spheira can pull from, which is handy since the boy's not the brightest crayon in the box.
  • A lot of characters like him.


  • Due to his short temper, he can easily be lured to attack if the enemy should need to. He doesn't go into a blind fury though, but he will overlook the need to actually think before he attacks.
  • If the opponent has shadow magic, they can actually seal off Spheira's powers with the remnants of the curse mark still on his ear. They just need to know the sealing spell, manage to make physical contact wit is ear and voila! No more shadowmagic. However, this can be broken if one of higher or equal power to the caster lifts the spell. If Spheira does it himself, it would take a Zalmunna to lift the seal.
  • Physical strength. Spheira does not have it. While he does have a high stamina, in a contest of physical strength, he is most likely to lose.
  • A lot of characters like him. (ok, this is really mainly a crack RP spawned point, but I find it hilarious)


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