Echoes of Grace
Echoes of Grace
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Marshal Sterling
Species: Hylian
Gender: Technically female
Age: 23
Height: 200cm (6'6")
Weight: 143kg (315lbs.)
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Eye Colour: Grey-green
Skin Tone: Weathered tan
Biographical Data
Occupation: Knight of the Hylian Royal Guard
Affiliations: Royal Guard
Residence: Castle Town Military District
Birthplace: Uncertain
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: Adopted father/mentor Neeson Sterling
Halberd named "Arbiter"
General soldiering skills/tactics
Plate armour named "Aegis"
Generally mistaken for a man.

Marshal Sterling is a Hylian orphan with rage issues who was adopted and mentored by a veteran soldier named Neeson Sterling. Having joined the Royal Guard under his sponsorship, she can generally be found performing military duties in the field, or in the role of a guardsman around town.


Sterling is a very tall, statuesque Hylian with broad shoulders, a lean chest and waist, firm musculature and fair facial features. Simply put, she looks like a dashingly handsome knight - which is slightly awkward for her, since she is actually a woman. She's not usually bothered by the assumption, especially since her armour makes it impossible to make out anything like breasts, but it can make formal addresses - and young ladies who fantasise about knights in shining armour - into very difficult situations. She typically takes refuge in her title, which mercifully saves anybody from having to call her "mister" or "missus".

Distinguishing Features

Sterling is remarkably tall, around six and a half feet, and has a jagged white scare under her right eye. Her armour is typically remarkably well-maintained, even by knightly standards.

Preferred Clothing

Sterling is rarely seen without her uniform, a selection of polished steel plate armour and brown leather skirt over olive-coloured tunic and breeches.


Outwardly, Marshal Sterling is an ideal knight, noble and chivalrous to a fault. Inwardly, she has a talent for brutal violence that she finds quite disturbing. Her mentor taught her to turn this in her favour - to end fights as quickly as possible, causing less suffering overall. This unusual philosophy has kept her nature in check, but Sterling remains concerned over her own strength; adhering stringently to the knights' code, she surrounds herself with structure and routine to help maintain her control.


Order, fighting, discipline, fighting, Neeson, the Knights, fighting.


Social situations, infatuated girls she doesn't know what to do with, her own rear-brain and its tendency to fill her thoughts with disturbing violence against people she doesn't even dislike.


Names her equipment, usually mistaken for a man, uncomfortable outside of organised heirarchies, prone to muscle aches, was never very good at horseback riding.


In her youth, the orphanage that homed Sterling despaired of ever finding a family for such an angry, violent child. She was spared from a bleak future when she was taken in by a retired war veteran, Neeson Sterling, who gave her both her name and philosophy. She has a profound respect for Neeson, holding him in the highest possible regard; she essentially considers that she owes him her life. As an adult, Sterling joined the Royal Guard under his sponsorship, and is determined to honour his name in her service.


The Royal Guard, Neeson Stirling, the Hylian military


Has a technical but not personal alliance with the other Royal Guard members, including Mel Marthis and Seth Marthis, and other character affiliated with Hyrule's military.


No personal enemies, yet.


Sterling a powerful and high-ranking melee combatant, though probably not the best the Royal Guard has to offer.


Sterling uses a halberd in order to maximise her options, and regularly employs different axe/pick/spear techniques to get the most out of each opportunity. In battle she is a wave of momentum; slow on the first few strikes, but using the weight of herself and her weapon to chain multiple attacks together in a steady, overwhelming flow.


Sterling has a natural size advantage over most humanoid opponents, as well as an aptitude for violence which is somewhat horrifying. Her rage lends her extra strength, and extra staying power, to the point where she is effectively a berserker. Meanwhile, her armour offers considerable protection against weapon attacks, in addition to her natural toughness.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Sterling is rarely in full control of herself during combat, sometimes finding it difficult to pay attention to her allies. At her worst, she has almost attacked friendly targets in the heat of battle, though thus far she has always managed to stop short of actually doing so. Also, she's not the fastest of combatants; her armour weighs her down too much to dodge, and she starts off slow until she can build momentum.



Other Notes

Nothing of note.

Roleplay Notes

  • Her mentor is supposed to be sort of well-known, so other guardsmen or soldiers, or people associated with the noble class, might recognise her surname.
  • When it isn't associated with romance, Sterling generally doesn't notice (or at least doesn't object) when people think she's a guy. She seems fine with it.
  • I called her "Captain" with the intent that she has a meaningful rank, but is in no way in charge of or equal to the other knights. Mel, Seth and Brendan are all definitely above her. She could boss around newbies if she was so inclined, but she has no real influence and is never in charge of more than a small detachment.


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