She is the war goddess, the blazing, shrieking Fury of the Zalumunna. War is her realm and together with Naharl, Stygia ensures that war always has a place. One of the more bloodthirsty shadows, she is usually possessed of a clear mind unless faced with a Sideran agent. Then all she can see is the blood of her enemies and their heads cleaved from their bodies by her battle axe. Naturally this can prove quite troublesome as the Zalmunna are implicitly forbidden to carry on direct conflict agaisnt the Siderans, and vice versa Stygia is as stubborn and combative as the ram she resembles but will see reason when presented with it.

Other Names Ravager
Status Zalmunna
Sphere War, open conflict
Ethos The flames of war will wash things clean and put erroneous perspectives right.
Worshippers Warriors, mercenaries, bandits, merchants
Symbol Hunting horn




Great hunters, warriors and bandits all. Those with fight and skill may catch her eye, and many a mortal warrior has been whisked from death on the battlefield to a position in her army. Any shadow may enlist, but those that do must fight tooth and claw to survive and ascend the ranks. Her highest generals, shadows of vast power and skill, are known as Bloodhorns after the shadow-crafted war horns they carry.

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