Basic Stats


Name: Syba (once called Sybal)
Age: Unknown
Height: 4'11"
Weight: Next to nothing
Race: Subservient Poe
Weapon of choice: Double-headed Scythe
Employer: Abyss


Sybal's mother died giving birth to her, leaving her in the care of her father. He developed severe mental issues fueled by the loss of his wife that grew as Sybal aged. His mind had warped his wife's death into it being Sybal's fault and constantly reminded her of that fact each day. Sybal truly believed that she had really been the one to kill her mother, though she did not understand why she did it. Her father was extremely abusive towards her, and his violence steadily increased over the years. Sybal eventually hung herself in her despair resulting from the attacks of her father and the depression that followed them.

Her soul, however, could not rest… always wanting a real family and to be truly loved. Her spirit was sent to roam the earth as a poe. Shortly after her birth as a poe, Abyss discovered her wandering and took her on as his servant, transforming her shape back into one that resembled her original body and renaming her "Syba". The markings on her cheek are a sign of her servitude to Abyss, and are specific only to him.

Abyss never treated her poorly though. He clothed her, and cared for her. He was the first person to actually show kindness to her. From that moment on, she dedicated her life to him, enscribing the phrase Duty Before Life on each of the scythe blades. When Abyss left, She was technically freed from his reign.

She was unable to accept that he was gone, and so Syba began to search for her master, the one she loved like a father. Many years later, she found Spheira's broken body on the Isle of Hail after Abyss, who was trapped by the seal inside of Spheira's soul, pushed as much power as he could through the crack in the seal to keep him alive. The pulse was felt by Syba, but when she saw only a hylian boy's body, she thought she had only imagined it.

Upon closer inspection, she saw that it really was her master inside of that mortal shell. She poured her energy into him and transported them both to the inn, healing his wounds. shortly after exiting the inn, she vanished due to a major depletion of her magic, the only thing tethering her to the earth being her bond of servitude of Abyss.

Whether she now lies in a state of dormancy until her energy replenishes itself or if she has passed on to the next realm due to the completion of her contract is unknown.


  • She's rather reserved and very quiet. She rarely speaks more than a few words to people other than Abyss.
  • Extremely duty-bound. She will not act without her master's permission.
  • When not with Abyss, she appears more listless and dead than "living".


Since she is a subservient poe, she is not completely incorporeal. She has some mass though it is completely made of shadow (a good example of this type of being would be poes after they have been exposed to sunlight and deveolp the physical form that allows Link to defeat them with a sword). She weighs barely anything, for the afformentioned reason. Under the choker around her neck, the scars from the noose she used to kill herself are still there, the brand of why she roams the earth. The latern at her side contains her spirit, and she cannot be unchained from it. If it were to be seperated from her being, she would vanish and the flame that is her spirit would go out, thusly she would not be allowed to pass on to the next realm. Sunlight and light-based magics are very harmful to her, burning/disintegrating her body if she is exposed to them.


Syba's magical talents lie in the realm of shadowhealing, or the ability to force shadowmatter to reconstruct itself more rapidly. She learned to shadowheal so she could use it on Abyss who is not talented in that realm of spellcasting. Outside of healing, she cannot perform many other spells besides a few basic defensive magics.


  • Abyss- Abyss is, essentially, like a father to Syba since her own father had never really loved her while she was living. She would do anything for him, including sacrifice her spirit, if it came to that. She is bound to him by her internal contract to give back the life he gave her and she will not be able to pass on to the other realm until she has done so. She is his healer and she loves him more than any other being she has met in her lifetime.
  • Ziven- She doesn't much care for Ziven. He is a being of the light that harms her, and he seems to spend too much time with her master. The only reason she doesn't fight his presence is because her master seems much happier when he is around. She refuses to talk to Ziven, usually.


No known quirks



  • Abyss
  • Being with her master
  • Moonlit nights
  • The Ocean
  • Flute Music


  • Ziven
  • Sunlight
  • Her birth father
  • Seeing her master unhappy or harmed


  • High Ability to shadowheal
  • Incorporeal
  • Can't Bleed
  • Very strong "bodyguard"


  • Sunlight and Light Magic
  • She has to be bound to her spirit lantern at all times
  • Knows little defensive spells
  • Not a very powerful being in general


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