The Desert Sun
The Desert Sun
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Asad Azimek Navarre Tajit
Species: Human (Leiselian)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Weight: 62kg (137lbs)
Hair Colour: Golden Blonde
Eye Colour: Gold
Skin Tone: Desert tan
Biographical Data
Occupation: Harem attendant
Affiliations: Nation of Ashar, Duke Bastien
Residence: Duke Bastien's estate, Labrynna
Birthplace: Ashar
Marital Status: Complicated
Known Relatives: Complicated
Sand manipulation
Sharp wit, formal education, skilled harpist, modest statcraft
Jewellery, cloak stolen from Kumar
No additional notes available.

Taj is a somewhat reserved young main hailing from the desert nation of Leisel (or thereabouts). He showed up at Castle Town during the carnival event, when Mirza and Kaliq were seeking candidates for Duke Bastien's harem, and successfully managed to ingratiate himself to the man.


Taj is a lean, fit young man with easy features in typical Leiselian colours. He is on the feminine side, particularly in his face and his choice of accessories, but the fact that he typically leaves his chest exposed usually prevents any confusion.

Distinguishing Features

Taj has a tattoo around the left side of his face, consisting of three small dots above and below the eye. He also favours a paticular distinctive accessory that consists of an ear-cuff and lip ring connected by a fine chain.

Preferred Clothing

Taj's favoured costume is a slightly gaudy affair that leaves his chest exposed and his upper body decorated with golden jewellery and a blue hair accessory. Voluminous white pants are tucked into golden greaves over bare feet, complemented by a peacock blue sash at his waist, and a sort of "apron" of fine scale armour coloured after green and blue feathers. Overall, the image is quite evocative of peacocks, which seems to be the goal, though it may not alwasy be a favourable comparison.


Though kindly by nature, Taj has some unthinking prejudices by virtue of his upbringing; he wouldn't treat somebody /badly/ due to their race or station, but he might treat them with condescending pity. He has a taste for fine things, and enjoys indulging in expensive treats more than he cares to admit. He's also prideful, short-tempered and somewhat vain, becoming competitive quickly when challenged.


Creature comforts, fancy jewellery, rich food and wine, and other luxuries.


Having to be on the run, lowering himself to things he feels are beneath him, or losing to anyone. Ever.


High-class manners, speaks formally and with an accent, slightly naïve, inexpert liar.


Taj is not actually form Leisel, but is the prince of Ashar, a tiny nation that continues to exist on Leisel's border mostly due to its lack of power. However, recently the prince - along with his mother and teacher - discovered a plan by his father to conquer Leisel through a magical plague, gained in a pact with a powerful shadow. The trio planned an assassination to stop the mad king, but when it was done, the queen and the scholar publicly blamed Taj, who was forced to flee. He has since gone into hiding in the notorious Duke Bastien's harem… possibly not fully understanding what that implies.


Ashari royal family (secretly), Duke Bastien.


Mirza, the Duke's attaché, seems to have intentions that align with Taj's.


Mirza, who has almost certainly figured out Taj's situation, has the potential to completely destroy the prince's charade if he should feel so inclined. Also, Kaliq does not seem fond of him. Taj has at least a casual rivalry going with the other members of the harem, as he is competitive by nature and does sort of think himself as being above them.

Also, his mother and former teacher (now the Queen of Ashar, and her consort). Technically they have a bounty out on him, but it's mostly for show; as long as he stays away from Ashar, they are happy to ignore him.


Taj is an acrobatic, mid-range combatant who relies on magic instead of physical power.


Taj's combat style is graceful and fluid, much like a dance using the sand as an accent; really it's quite beautiful to watch. He generally uses the sand like whips or blades, forming it into solid shapes just long enough for an attack, then letting it dissolve again. He can, however, pull larger and less elegant moves - like creating a wave, wall of sand or a small sandstorm - when he must.


Speed, agility, becomes stronger with more raw material.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Fragility, unimpressive physical strength, is kind of screwed if there's no sand around.


Nothing yet. Go watch Avatar.

Other Notes

Nothing of note.

Roleplay Notes

  • Ashar is a very puny kingdom, so it's not well known, even to political/noble types. That's just for NPCs however - PCs with some knowledge of world politics are free to know as much as their payer likes.
  • Taj thinks he's good at hiding his heritage, but he really doesn't do it that well. He fools NPCs easily enough, but if your character is a perceptive chessmaster type, they've probably already worked him out. Do with that what you will :p
  • Taj seems kind of shy about romance, particularly when it's physical. He may or may not realise what this means for his chosen hiding place.
  • In combat, he's basically a sandbender. He uses the sand much like water, relying on reach and flexibility. He's at a big disadvantage where the ground is harder, though.


  • Taj's theme song is Sahara by Nightwish.
  • If you're curious, "Hyrule" is to "Hylian" as "Ashar" is to "Ashari".
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