The second oldest and leader, Tenebran is a no-nonsense shadowbeast possessing extreme power. Clearheaded and not prone to losing his cool, he will still be standing tall and keeping things under control when the world crumbles around him. He rules with a pragmatic mind and iron hand, and always keeps the balance of light and dark in mind. It is whispered amongst lesser beasts in the darkest corners that he had a say in both Majora and Abyss's falls from dark grace.

Other Names The Raptor
Status Zalmunna
Sphere N/A
Ethos The ruling class must always be able to keep the ruled in their place.
Worshippers Tyrants, spymasters, nobles
Symbol N/A




Tenebran handpicks those shadows who wear his colors. Any who dare to take his colors without his say tend to simply disappear. Impeccable discretion, misdirection, and ability to follow events and ferret out information are traits he values highly. Those who serve him may expect deference from other shadows and the protection of Tenebran's shadow, but those who fail him suffer worse than any other.

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