The Ovel Clan

One of several distinct Sheikah factions in the club's Generic Post-TP Setting, the Ovel Clan are a strict and secretive group who are dedicated guardians. They are spread between a variety of small, hidden villages, and unlike many other clans, also have a presence in Termina and its surrounding islands. The Ovel were created by Puertorriquna; the information here was adapted from Isolde's profile on dA.


The Ovel Clan adheres to a strict heirachy, with a governing council guiding its actions. The rules of the clan, along with their traning, seem to emphasise strength and obedience, discouraging emotion and punishing those who do not stay in their place. Above all, it seems that the importance of a guardian's duty is paramount; the punishment for a guardian failing in their duty may even include death. Those who are unable to contribute to the clan are also viewed in an extremely judgemental fashion. Overall, life with the Ovel seems very harsh, especially for children in training, and the clan's sense of justice is quite unforgiving.

Appearance and Style

The Ovel share the classic Sheikah traits modelled by Impa in Ocarina of Time, with dark skin and pale - often white - hair. They favour sleek, form-fitting clothing, sometimes with light armour and cloth drapes such as short cloaks or mantles. The Ovel Clan also seems to place great importance on masks and their imagery.

Notable Characters


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