The White Hand

The White Hand are a Sheikah clan who split from their peers many ages ago, native to the Ocarina of Time timeline and part of the club's Generic Post-TP setting. While the Sheikah as a race are said to be the guardians of Hyrule's royal family, the White Hand followed the philosophy of a "balance" between good and evil that must be preserved. They believed that, if a perfect balance could be achieved between the aspects of the Triforce as well as between good and evil, the Sacred Realm would cease to be and would instead merge with Hyrule itself. In the name of this goal, The White Hand were willing to perform almost any act, without regard for individual death or suffering.

Unable to reconcile this philosophy with the majority of their brethren, the White Hand split from the other Sheikah and became their own clan, an almost a cult-like offshoot. Led by an ancient woman named Shinreiyuu, they are required to support both good and evil as necessary, and thus are are forbidden from becoming emotionally biased; compromised individuals are dealt with mercilessly. However, most are entirely fanatical in their devotion to The Balance.

The presence of the White Hand is a violently guarded secret from Hyrule at large, though members of the Sheikah race may have cause to know of their existence (if only as a legend). Alternatively, characters who are extremely scholarly (or extremely old) may have heard rumours or found clues regarding such a clan.


The White hand are based in an underground fortress named Clanhome, somewhere in the vicinity of Death Mountain. Visually, they stick closely to the "average" Sheikah appearance and style, except they usually have pale skin (as per Sheik's in-game model, as opposed to illustrations). This is likely due to the fact that they spend their time underground.

An original aspect of Fox's sheikah interpretation is that they were a long-lived race (akin to D&D elves, for example). Although there has been no hard ruling, it seems that most club members don't think of them this way. To reconcile this, the White Hand must have also developed a magical means for extending their own lives, making them all the more dangerous (and all the more stolid in their ways).

Roleplay Notes

Fox Lee made the White Hand, but all players are invited to use them as a plot hook, create characters related to them, use them as an excuse for antagonists, et cetera. She only claims control over their leadership and general concept.

Related Characters

  • The version of Kafei who appears in club roleplay is an exile of the White Hand clan.
  • Kolk was a White Hand inquisitor before he broke away, and now makes it his business to hunt White Hand members who catch his attention.
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