Unless otherwise noted, these characters inhabit the TP Era and are available for use as needed in RP sessions.


Betram - A laid back man of few words and a large heart. He runs the Cornerstone Cucco in southwest Castletown at the edge of the seedier part of town, a large tavern and inn. His chatty wife Lani helps him out along with a few employees. 30-some year old Bertram stands about 5'11, broad shouldered and deeply tan with light grey eyes an short, dirty brown hair. Bertram fights with his fists.
Betram, his wife and employees are open to play as needed.


Cohuac - An Ikana soldier who died early, Cohuac remains a zealous and proud fighter for the long dead Ikanan cause. As a result he is still very much 'the rookie,' and cares about defending Ikana honor and territory still. He is prone to screw-ups, deeply despises the Garo still, and enjoys scaring people who wander into Ikana territory. Cohuac is a Stalfos of orange glowing eye sockets, skinny skull and build, and great incompetence. Cohuac fights with Ikana shield and sword.
Cohuac is open to play as needed


Dakari - A Stygian and hunter of the Juthaid Clan, Dakari is skilled and ruthless when it comes to protecting the tribe and its territory. He takes great delight in toying with and killing trespassers. He neither forgives nor forgets slights against him, and will plot revenge until he dies or is able to carry it out. Dakari is a tall, muscular man with deeply tanned skin, very dark brown eyes, and black hair pulled back in a ponytail. He has several honorary tattoos across his face. Dakari makes use of bow, scimitar, and a shadow summon.
Dakari is played by Asraniel

Dalo - A very large, jovial butcher in NE Castletown. He is very passionate about his work and is always happy to offer up recipe suggestions and advice to his customers. Dalo stands massively built at about 6'11" with a permanent 5 o'clock shadow and black crew cut; he is tanned, has a broken nose and bright hazel eyes. He favors his fists if it comes to a fight.
Dalo is open to play as needed


Faros - A lean, older man of spare frame with a greying blonde comb-over. Cold, efficient, and businesslike, he has ties in the business and criminal worlds, and is the one paying Allister for various bits of random shadow-lore. Though few know it, Faros is the primary agent for the obscure and banned order of mages known as the Luxicari, and is older than he looks.
Faros is played by rueyeet

The Fat Lady - This spoiled and obnoxious noblewoman lives in Castle Town's richest quarter, in view of the castle. She has a fondness for jewelry, objects d'art, small yappy lapdogs, and giving orders to her long suffering butler, Jervais. No one has ever bothered to find out her real name.
The Fat Lady is played by rueyeet


Horace - Horace is a young carpenter in SW Castletown who helps to run the Biggoro Street ring-fights on the weekends. He is very measured and suspicious of other people, usually looking for an angle to exploit. He is of average height, brawny build, and medium-skinned. Horace has dark auburn hair and brown eyes. Horace fights with with his hands and whatever is at hand.
Horace is open to play as needed


Ixtli - A redead of Ikana origin, he inhabits the area below the well in the canyon. Fairly jovial for the most part, he is very interested in procuring more vocal chords from the living 'pinkskins' to finish regaining his proper voice.
Ixtli is available if necessary, but primary play is from Asraniel


Jervais - Jervais is the butler of the noblewoman known to the players only as the Fat Lady, who once put a bounty on Kumar's head over a stolen necklace. Jervais is a proper fellow, no-nonsense, and has no illusions about his employer.
Jervais is played by rueyeet


Kudrens - Eldest son of Tabri and warlock of standing within his lodge, Kudrens functions as one of the primary faces seen by outsiders dealing with the clan. His actions are still influenced by the perceived desertion by his two youngest sisters and he is one of the most distrustful of outsiders within the entire clan. He stands nearly six feet tall with a slim build and honorary tattoos all the way down his shoulder and arm, ending in a Tenebrian Mark on his hand. He has deeply tanned skin and long dark brown hair pulled back in a stern style to match his stern features.
Kudrens is played by Asraniel


Marette - Marette is a southeastern green-mage following the teachings and worship of Pachem. Nonviolent.
Marrette is played by elanorepenn

Marius - Father of Heakena, runs an antiques store in NE Castletown. Possibly a noncombatant.
Marius is played by Prince-Palladium

Marston - A gigantic drunkard and brute living in Kakariko. He has neither sense of decency nor boundaries, taking what he wants and imagining the lady he is interested in for the day is all about him. Displays interest in Aulii. Apparently favors fisticuffs.
Marston is played by rueyeet, but if you think you can stand him, have at it

Melonia - A kind and practical Hylian woman who runs Hylonia Ranch in Eastern Hyrule; also Elon's surrogate mother. She often takes boarders, so if you need a place for your character to stay (or if a group needs somewhere to stop over on the way to their destination) the ranch is always available.
Melonia was made by Fox Lee, but anyone should feel free to play her as necessary.

Mora - The most sexy-fine father of Saif. Totally a DILF. Hey, you want something better here, Lela needs to write him a blurb. *smirk*
Mora is played by Prince-Palladium


Narrien - Narrien is a short, sniveling weasel of a man who works as a fence and contact with the Thieves guild. He lives off of the East Road in Castletown in a dirty back alley and can easily be swayed by genuine threats, blackmail, and gold. He usually seems small and drawn inward, speaks crudely, and his shoulder-length blond hair is perpetually greasy. He favors daggers and garrotes.
Narrien is open to play as needed


Podame Juthaid - A member of rank within the dwindling Abyssian lodge, Podame is a master maskmaker and shrewd merchant. With a sharp tongue despite her surprising people skills, she serves as one of the primary liasons with the world outside Woodfall. An average sized woman of heavier build, she is dark skinned with black dreadlocks, apple green eyes and a soft voice. Her tendency towards puns is both feared and hated within the clan.
Podame is available to play as needed, but primary play is from Asraniel


Tolani - Tolani is a large, brawny southerner in the Mercenary's Guild. He is soft spoken, good natured, and prefers to blend tactics with brute force. He is also something of a amateur portraitist. Tolani is dark-skinned with long, curly brown hair pulled out of his face. His eyes are green and he favors spears.
Tolani is open to play as needed


Wellem - Wellem is an older teen living in Southwest Castletown with his older brother and grandmother. He works as a butcher's assistant and participates in weekend ring-matches with the young men on Biggoro Street. He is known as something of a heart breaker in the neighborhood. He is of average height and build, with messy brown hair kept short, warm brown eyes and a killer smile. Wellem fights with his fists.
Wellem is open to play as needed

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