The Evergreen
The Evergreen
Player: Fox Lee
Personal Data
Full Name: Unknown
Species: Garo (a rare live one)
Gender: Female
Age: Centuries (looks late 20s)
Height: 183cm/6'0"
Weight: 76kg/168lbs
Hair Colour: Dark forest green
Eye Colour: Dark red
Skin Tone: Dark tan
Biographical Data
Occupation: Warrior drifter
Affiliations: The Garo
Residence: No permanent home
Birthplace: Unknown
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: None known
Long, gold-bladed spear
Stripped from her before her exile.
Superior spear style, survivalist skills, knows lots of obscure trivia.
Her spear, travelling supplies.
Notes: Will not age or die of old age, or remember her past, until the curse is broken.

Venus is a powerful Garo warrior who was cursed and exiled by her people sometime during the Ikana War. Now she wanders Hyrule and Termina trying to find clues to her past.


With a tall and fairly powerful build, Venus looks every bit the world-weary warrior. Her extremely long hair is wrapped into a ponytail, with a shaggy fringe partially hiding her face. She is practically never seen without a characteristic snarl on her face.

Distinguishing Features

Although Venus believes she is a Garo, her long ears and dark skin are quite unusual for them. She also has very distinct scars on her face and abdomen, in addition to a tattooed mark that denotes her as an exile, covering most of her back.

Preferred Clothing

Drab brown traveller's gear, whose style does hint at her Garo heritage.
(To be completed)


Venus is a sullen, ill-tempered woman who resents the world in general and her clan, the Garo, in particular. Bitter about her inane punishment and weary from her long years of wandering, she seems at times to be sustained by rage alone. This is made worse by the fact that she's actually rather noble by nature - she's rude and snarky and mean, and frighteningly vicious in a fight, but still she can't bring herself to actually be bad.




You, everybody else, her clan in particular.


Scars, amnesia, odd ears/skin for Garo, exile mark on back, wrinkle from constant snarling. Also, I think she has a soft spot for cute things. Not like pink or kittens or anything, but probably Minish, for example.


Once a powerful warrior priestess of her people, Venus was stripped of her memories and exiled for some great transgression, some time before the end of the Ikanan war. Now she seeks the knowledge she has lost, cursed to wander the lands unaging until she can somehow recall her crime. With no knowledge of her home or past, this has been a long and arduous task, which has only recently brought her back to Termina - and to the attention of the few Garo who still remain.


A loose affiliation with her clan - after many decades of wandering, she has discovered those she used to live with. Unfortunately for her, she hates them.


Has met Saif and Peya on good terms, and may ask their aid in the future.


Most other Garo, Sayik in particular.


Venus is a veteran warrior, and was a champion of her people before her exile. Though she can no longer use magic, she is well-balanced in most regards.


Venus has a fairly straightforward combat style, using the superior reach granted by her weapon to attack enemies while also keeping them just beyond arm's length. This is not to say she is ineffectual in closer quarters, but she does try to play on her biggest advantage whenever she can.


Venus is powerful, very fast, endurant and stubborn, and has an adept tactical mind. In addition, her spear gives her an advantage over fighters with smaller weapons.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Very few - Venus is an extremely well-rounded fighter. Unlike more specialised characters, however, she has no distinct edge to press when things are going in her favour. Also, she has little to no ability at range.

Other Notes

Roleplay Notes

Unlike most of my characters, Venus is not actually tied to SotA! In fact, she was created explicitly for the club's version of the Gero race (well, originally she was a Keaton with a similar backstory - but Fox became displeased with her anthro form). Because of her travelling lifestyle and quest for knowledge, she has a great reason to show up in any location, no matter how remote. Good roleplay hooks for her come in the form of historical information (that she might find out more about her background), other Garo characters, and people who might need her help.


  • Venus' theme song is Delicious by Poets of the Fall (shut up!).
  • Venus' name is actually a nickname, since she can't recall her real name and the Garo are forbidden to tell her (oh my does she hate them). It's not a reference to beauty, mind you; she was named after the Venus Flytrap.
  • Venus' title/tagline comes from another Poets of the Fall song, Where Do We Draw the Line?, which is worthlessly emo but still very pretty. The song itself is way too mopey for Venus… but she is both green and immortal, plus the plant references had become a tradition.
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