Name: Vinzoto, Vinny amongst other thieves
Race: Holodromian
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Occupation: Dashing rogue and member of the Thieves Guild
Weapons: Matching twin daggers and throwing knives.
Special skills: Can play the mandolin, can blend into upper society through careful observation, sleight-of-hand, lock-picking
Items: Set of lock-picks, daggers, throwing knives, coin purse, a signet ring stolen from a southern noble and used as his own.

Vinzoto is a young rogue with nothing to lose, everything to prove, and a whole lot of fun to have. Charming and fun, he does walk through life with some thought to consequences in order to keep his own fat out of the fire. He grew up poor in Holodrum with parents who shouldn't have been and left home without a care. He's primarily 'every man for himself' but knows that to steal from certain people would give him a bad reputation, so doesn't bother with stealing from those incapable of taking care of themselves, the sick, and children. Sometimes he'll help out the ladies he romances but mostly for the sake of getting nookie. He doesn't have qualms about stealing from them after either but prefers not to make his hand in the theft obvious. Vinzoto has not yet found anything of value, save perhaps his friendship with Adelio, which only fuels his thief's career. As such he rarely treats anything too seriously. He is also somewhat contemptuous of his background, dressing and speaking in a cultured manner in an ongoing effort to hide it. As his Holodromian accent still shines through, he keeps it clipped and presents himself as something of a small-class nobleman.

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